Countless years of civilization, and still we are not compassionate enough to understand. We are all standing on a crossroad of viewpoints – some are mourning, some are blaming, some are objecting, some are defending, and a few cruel some are even celebrating. Is this really the world we thought it would be when we were kids? Do we want our children to witness war and inhumanity? We are the living generation, that can make a difference – so why not ‘Stand United in our Differences’, and pray for world Peace.

On the occasion of World Photography Day 2015, I wondered how to compile something out of the blue on StreetTrotter – and as it happens this post came at the right time. So, let me start this article with a confession – ‘When travel photographers and bloggers work behind the camera, they often don’t work straight’. They experiment with twisted shots and contemporary techniques – all in a spirit to capture a place like never before. Their cameras, be it a treasured i-phone or a hi-tech SLR, all function as their literal eyes that capture certain moments in time forever for them.

#RestoreOurMysticNEPAL by StreetTrotter, is to bring back the beautiful travel memories of Nepal that tourists have cherished over the past years. This is a photobank where we are celebrating the country for its magical mountains, spiritual vibes and ancestral properties. We hope that through this tiny effort we will have Nepal back on our bucket-lists at the highest spot. This is a call for responsible tourism, which is not only our duty, but also our privilege.

The world has been romancing RUMI, and so have I. He was a saga of the 13th century, but is a divine wordy tale of today. He is real in ways that are intensely personal, and only some have found him. A few of those, are here with me today. They got lost, they got hurt, they searched farther and looked deeper…This is a miscellany of real people, with real stories – on how they found their RUMI, on the roads they traveled, in the verses he left behind.