A UX/UI Analysis of TLP:MAP (Toronto Public Library)

Toronto Public Library - Streettrotter

First of my series of “Midnight Brainstorms”. A rough digital diary of my UX/UI observations of everyday things. This entry focuses on the new “online” museum pass reservation system introduced by the Toronto Public Library. 📚

The Product: tpl:map is a pass program for getting free admission to Toronto’s museums, art galleries and attractions through the Toronto Public Library card membership.

How it worked BEFORE: A library cardholder had to go physically to a library location in Toronto on a Saturday early morning to get in line to get a free pass until the library runs out of stock for that week. 😓

Pain points of the old system: 😟
1. Long lines with potentially lengthy wait times.
2. Limited availability of passes for specific attractions at certain library locations.
3. Inability to find the desired pass at the library visited.
4. Depletion of passes very early, sometimes as early as 9 AM.
5. Complete closure of this service during the pandemic.
6. Passes are often left unused and wasted due to individuals taking them but not visiting the attractions, with no control over the process.

How it works NOW: A brand-new online reservation system! Users can log in to the tpl:map reservation site with their library card, select from available attractions, reserve their preferred date, and then print or download their pass! 😍

What works in the new system: 👏
1. Users can conveniently book free passes from their homes online.
2. Flexibility to choose dates and the ability to cancel a pass online, which then becomes available for others to use.
3. Users are limited to booking only one location/attraction at a time. They can book another attraction only after visiting the first one or cancelling their reservation, thereby enhancing control and monitoring of pass usage.
4. A no-show results in restrictions on reserving that specific location for a certain period, encouraging users to plan better and make conscious decisions with their passes, preventing their misuse.
5. The new system functions seamlessly without any glitches, offering a user-friendly experience.

What I loved the most: “The feedback loop.”
Once I reserved a pass, the system gave me a form to leave feedback on the new reservation system. This shows me as a user – they care. ❤️


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