CHHATTISGARH – A Photo ‘Inception’ Diary

On the occasion of World Photography Day 2015, I wondered how to compile something out of the blue on StreetTrotter – and as it happens this post came at the right time. So, let me start this article with a confession – ‘When travel photographers and bloggers work behind the camera, they often don’t work straight’. They experiment with twisted shots and contemporary techniques – all in a spirit to capture a place like Chhattisgarh, like never before. Their cameras, be it a treasured i-phone or a hi-tech SLR, all function as their literal eyes that capture certain moments in time forever for them.

Bringing you a picture inside a picture, from the lenses of two crazy nomads together – StreetTrotter and ShutterBug – here comes a scenic story of Chhattisgarh in a candidly crafted ‘Photo Inception Diary‘. Shraddha Gupta who is a die-hard Instagrammer and refuses to click from anything else than her I-phone camera was accompanied by a very professional SLR lover Tinkesh, to click these images during their 7 day trip to the state, across cities and locations.

Capturing the calming sunset at the Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary
CHHATTISGARH -streettrotter
A click to capture local culture and people at the Turturia Spring in Raipur city
CHHATTISGARH -streettrotter
The colors and the make of our gods inside the local temple of the Turturia Spring, made this shot a lot more photo worthy
CHHATTISGARH -streettrotter
Capturing centuries old love stories at the archaeological sights on Sirpur city
CHHATTISGARH -streettrotter
Through the doorway of the Buddha Monastery in Sirpur
CHHATTISGARH -streettrotter
A shot of the twin Ganeshas that are claimed to be almost 300 years old
CHHATTISGARH -streettrotter
While walking through the Heritage Homestay of the Royal Kanker Palace
CHHATTISGARH -streettrotter
The luxury tents that became our home for 3 days at Chitrakot falls
CHHATTISGARH -streettrotter
The evening scene and the mesmerizing sunset at Mahanadi
CHHATTISGARH -streettrotter
Capturing the Teerathgarh Waterfalls that took our breath away
CHHATTISGARH -streettrotter
Ending it with the perfect drop reflection picture!

And that’s the team ‘Behind the Scenes’…


About Tinkesh A of Shutterbug: 

Tinkesh A is a Mumbai based photographer who specializes in Food Photography. Apart from Food photography, he has established his niche in Travel as well as fashion photography. He has assisted few top food photographers after his completion of the photography course from National Institute of photography. It was his passion for photography and urges to create the perfect shot with minute details; he landed the job as a Photographer and Photo Editor in BBC Good Food India Magazine. Presently, he is concentrating on Freelance photography for Food, Travel and Fashion.

P.S. – A very Happy World Photography Day to all! 


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  1. himanshu verma says:

    I am from chaattisgarh and its glad that you came her,I am fond of your writings.I hope next time when you come you will contact me.

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