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25th April 2015. One savage earthquake, and over 5000 lives lost in Nepal. Did we predict it? – One team of researchers not only expected this earthquake would happen, but even pinpointed the location. Could we have stopped it? – No. Could we have saved more lives? – With more warning, Yes. Can we still do our part? – Yes, always. There is no time limit, even when the headlines become blur. 

Tangibly, Nepal has become a rubble. But the true damage is what is still intangible. The backbone of Nepal – its tourism industry is shattered, and has come to a total halt. According to the Asian Development Bank, tourism provides 7 percent of Nepal’s jobs and accounts for 8 percent of its economy. Last year nearly 8,00,000 people visited Nepal, home to eight of the world’s 14 tallest peaks, including 8,848-meter (29,029-foot) Mount Everest. And today, there has been an extensive and irreversible damage to the World Heritage site of Kathmandu Valley. Ancient living temples are devastated and so has Nepal’s faith. Tourists have cancelled their tickets, with no indication of when they will actually return. All is lost and gone – that once was mystical.

With #RestoreOurMysticNEPAL by StreetTrotter, we are trying to bring back the beautiful travel memories of Nepal that tourists have cherished over the past years. This is a photobank where we are celebrating the country for its magical mountains, spiritual vibes and ancestral properties. We hope that through this tiny effort we will have Nepal back on our bucket-lists at the highest spot. This is a call for responsible tourism, which is not only our duty, but also our privilege.

So lets begin our Journey with a short film. Video Log Nepal is a video project of Viewfinders, a multimedia production company based in Nepal. By shooting this little 7 minute video, they interviewed 25-30 tourists, with an intention of showcasing that Nepal is this lovely blend of people, food, sceneries and so many things that the world knows so little of.

As you will scroll down, you will find precious traveling memories of our Donors, who joined this cause to share their images to remember and help reconstruct Nepal tourism in prayers.

Photos By: Sarthak Goyal who visited Nepal in 2013, paying a visit to the famous Pashupati Nath Temple; donating a view of the majestic Himalayas and the Himalayan Griffon.

Photos By: Ankur Schroff who visited Nepal with his father in 2014 for work and explored the ancient temples in Kathmandu. He prays for the country to rebuild soon, and hopes that its tourism will stay alive overcoming this moment of distress.

Photos By: Marcella of WhatAWonderfulWorld. She spent seven weeks in Nepal in 2008, teaching. Experiencing the friendliness and happiness of the people of Nepal, she requests everyone ‘to please donate what you can to help Nepal, Oxfam, UNICEF and Action Aid, as every little effort helps, no matter how small’.

Photos By: Irina of Are you happy? She visited Nepal in 2012, and is keeping Nepal in her prayers, trying to get as much donations as she can from Romania.

Photos By: Hagai Benkuzari of http://hagaibk.wix.com/hagaibk. He and his wife Ofir visited Nepal in 2013 and wish that ‘may the best of Nepal’s past be the worst of it’s future. One of the most beautiful countries with the most beautiful people’. nepal - streettrotterPhoto By: Keshav Lagwal, an avid traveler always on a trip.

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Photo By: Tiwari Brijesh a travel photographer and avid trekker by pure passion. He visited Nepal in 2015 as he lost his way while trekking to Sandakphu.

Please note that #RestoreOurMysticNepal is an ongoing initiative. If you have been to Nepal and would like to donate your images in our photobank, please send your contributions to streettrotter@gmail.com, which will be updated on a regular basis. Help us put together the most mystical memoirs of the country, which has given us so much as travelers. 



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  2. Tim says:

    An amazing country for sure. It has been several years since I was in Nepal but have always regarded it highly and will return.

  3. donoghuemc says:

    This is such a fantastic approach to donating to Nepal for those who don’t have the ability to make a monetary contribution. I truly believe that raising awareness and prayer can make a difference. Thanks for this.

  4. Jazzy says:

    This is a great call to action. No matter what happens, Nepal will always be a beautiful country and people will realize that even more with this post!

  5. Its heartbreaking seeing the news about Nepal. I travelled through China, Tibet and Nepal in 2007 and it was unbelievable. The breathtakingly beautiful scenery and wonderful people, the culture, beliefs and all of the experiences we had stay with me. I would love to help in any way I can and I think bloggers should get on board as much as possible. Thanks for sharing this with us

  6. brmsimmons says:

    The devestation that happened in Nepal is just heartbreakingI hope everyone can contribute what they can into the rescue and rebuilding efforts.

  7. Such a lovely post. I have yet to visit Nepal but still hope to go there one day. It may be a little while before the tourist infrastructure is up and running again but I really hope they will return when the time is right.

  8. Thanks everyone for leaving such lovely and caring comments. Nepal is indeed a beautiful country, which needs to be preserved more than ever now. I am glad so many people from around the world are praying and putting their wishes together.

  9. Maria says:

    Sad Indeed… but still as that tectonic plates are moving there is pressure at the mountain I think Himalayas maybe the Mount Everest, and it might burst again the earthquake with the pent up pressure down… I have gone to Kathmandu with family 20 years a ago, I remember having the most delicious halwa some place I think the yellow Pakoda…anyway…don’t know what disaster would come in what part of the world next…sad really

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