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We the “Generation Y” are re-writing history. We are changing the way we think, work, travel, eat, play, and spend. Businesses are rearranging an entire economy around us, shaping up a future that is still unknown to us. But as much as we like the change and call for revolutions, we must accept that we are also seriously stressed, overworked, and messed up in our own personal ways. The past cannot fix us because we are too new for those theories to work. So who is it that can really help?  – Its you. Its me. We can mentor, counsel and uplift each other.

“XOXO, Millennials” is a letter from you to all next-gens out there on what worked for you, and where is it that you failed. It is your advice for the ones who really need it. If you have something to say to those who could be in your shoes – write that letter of love, advice and passion and send it to us!


Even though we love to talk about a variety of topics throughout the week, we must not forget that ‘TRAVEL’ is the core of StreetTrotter. Our “Tuesday Travel Template” is all about travel stories. If you have travel tips, travel guides or travel experiences from various destinations – we would love to hear your pitch!

Wednesday – ‘WELLBEING’ 

Life is no philosophy but an experience. And we all deserve to live a comforting, happy, healthy and content life. Over the years the real meaning of “Wellbeing” is often confused with only physical health, which is not entirely true. Wellbeing is about your mind, heart, body and soul, all experiencing the same amount of peace, health and comfort at the same time. This might sound difficult to achieve, but it is not impossible with our “Wednesday Wellbeing” section.

Thursday – ‘TRAVELER’ 

Coming back to travel, our Thursdays feature a new traveler each week – with lots of tips, stories and what is that one thing that keeps him/her on the road. If you are a traveler with a personal story to share and spill the beans on some of our hard hitting questions – write to us for an exclusive interview.


Fridays are reserved for StreetTrotter and her stories. What is she upto? What is she feeling? What did she learn? What is she doing next? What is it that she wants to share? – Stay tuned on every Friday for a post “From the Editor”.

Saturday – ‘STARTUP’ 

We believe every dream deserves a fair chance. And every startup out there is the soul of someone who turned his/her dream into reality and then fought for it. Our “Saturday Startup” features a new startup story and we would love to feature your dream. If you are courageous and wild with a business that you believe in – write to us to get featured in an exclusive interview.

Sunday – ‘I’M ON A HOLIDAY!’ 

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