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Shraddha Gupta is a Fashion and Business Journalist by profession and a passionate traveler at all times not on a full time job. With over eight years of published work, she most recently taught fashion and communication as an Assistant Professor of Design in NIFT, Delhi & Bangalore. She also holds a Masters degree in Journalism from Boston University and a PG from London College of Fashion. Call her a hopeless believer, a creative thinker, blogger, writer, foodie and social media addict.

Shraddha went on her first solo trip in 2013 to volunteer in Mcloedganj, India, teaching English to the Tibetan-in-Exile. Earlier in 2014 she dared to complete the Chadar Trek through the Himalayas. Since then she has lived in three countries, and advocates traveling solo in the search of a meaning to life, through her solo experiences.

What was the state of fashion in 2019?
Fashion analysts are starting to once again understand the industry from the scratch. A new consumer is rising, who responds to products differently and buys consciously. Gender lines are blurring, and therefore consumer segments are evolving. Technology is leaning towards an overall experience and ‘inclusivity’ is todays leading zeitgeist.
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