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It takes courage to start a new venture as an entrepreneur, but to grow and sustain it in the long run, it takes a village! Any good platform is nothing without a great team and that is possibly the hardest part of keeping your dream and mission truly sustainable. StreetTrotter was once just a personal travel blog, but it took me eight years to build it as an independent blogazine with a curated team that today runs the show. Like Batman needs Robin, Sherlock needs Dr. Watson, Meredith needs Christina, Harry Potter needs Ron and Hermonie, and the S.H.I.E.L.D needs its Avengers – here is a peak into my Team StreetTrotter! – Shraddha Gupta, Founder.

Collectively we are a team of young millennials and GenZs who stand for good journalism and creative freedom in everything we do. We love design, we love research, we love the world, we love all living beings, we love global culture, and we care about our planet. We dig everything that is there to learn and share. Together we are a melting pot of different educational backgrounds, ideologies, hobbies and interests – which make us truly a versatile bunch of voices working as one.


SHRADDHA GUPTA, Editor-in-Chief

Shraddha is the chief thinker and founder of StreetTrotter. She started this platform as a personal travel blog in 2012, and since then has evolved and built it as an independent blogazine that features cultural and creative voices world over inspiring people to live a wholesome life. Having lived, studied and worked in five different countries, and traveled to many more, she has a keen eye for color, design, people and photography. At heart she is a hardcore journalist who belives in good content and advocates for a slow life be it in fashion, design or journalism.


GNEEV NAGI, Sub-Editor

Gneev Nagi finds stories in culture, people and places and ties her understanding of trends in making brands sound more humane. She is an experienced Brand and Content Strategist with a demonstrated history of work in the Marketing and Advertising industry. Her diverse portfolio has centered around building brand equity for large corporations and homegrown organisations. She believes that the success of a brand lies in the core understanding of creating a profound brand voice. Aside from work, Gneev is a fitness enthusiast and has a passion for arts and culture.



“Inspiration comes during work not before it.” Yavnika is the youngest member of the StreetTrotter family. An engineer-in-the-making but a self-taught designer, she loves to solve problems around her with a human-centered approach. If you don’t find her being nitpicky about the digital pixels, she’ll probably be experimenting with something new or watching anime. Pretty extroverted and cheerful, Yavnika’s priority is to simulate the best possible user experience for our readers with minimal yet effortless design.


SARTHAK GROVER, Creative Designer

Sarthak is an ambivert who loves to build connections and has a zest for all the learning and excitement that life has to offer. Being in the fashion field, he loves to dress up, experiment with his style and get himself clicked. He derives inspiration from things around him and believes that aesthetics lie in the simplest of things. With a love for visuals, he started experimenting with graphics and soon developed a passion for it. He believes beauty lies in imperfection and art for him is a blank canvas that gives way to exploration.


SARASI GANGULY, Content Writer Intern

Sarasi Ganguly is a final year student of Ancient History at Benaras Hindu University, with a fascination for literature and culture. She has a strong passion for heritage conservation which has materialised into a blog, where she is working to document personal and family histories. A books and stationery hoarder, creative writer by hobby, and newbie blogger, she lives with the simple motto that love always has the power to change the world. Besides this, she has a reputation for getting lost in bookstores and museums.


MADHUMITHA JAIN, Contributing Writer

“Everything is beautiful but not everyone sees it.” – Confucius managed to describe something so simple and obvious yet something vital that every designer needs to follow by. Madhumitha is an old soul who is open to new ideas. She is an avid philomath and a lazy reader. With an intricate amalgamation of her left and right brain, she loves her arts and sciences equally. She is an amateur poet. Also, she has an incomprehensible amount of love for smart language and puns, which can be often reflected in her way of writing.

ANANYA SR, Creative Designer

As a student of communication design, Ananya prefers to let her art speak for itself. She owes her creativity to all the books, movies and the cultural landscape of the Delta that she grew up with. She’d choose pen and paper over a computer screen any day. Aligned with theorist ideals, she likes narratives that blur time and test the concepts of science. When she is free you’d see her gulping down a tub of chocolate ice-cream or brushing up on her knowledge of Genetics.

ABHINANDITA DEV, Contributing Writer

Abhinandita Dev is a relentless dreamer who dreams to bring real and significant change to the world and to the lives of the people around her. Her first attempt at writing was when she penned down a fictional story at the age of 11. That was the only piece of fiction she has ever written and she has been writing about real social issues that move her to write ever since. She is a proud feminist and a hopeless empath. She believes that our sensitivity makes us human. 

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