Boston in summer season

‘Boston City’ in a Day – A Visual Walking Tour

Full of life, people and drama, Boston is a city of diverse cultures and extreme weathers. While the winters leave you feeling snug with a tempting cup of strong cappuccino, the summer can cheer you up in the most lively of ways. As the flowers bloom in varieties that you will fail to count, there is music in the air with a plenty of buskers playing their heart away. A city full of history and cuisine so diverse, even a single day of walking through its streets, will leave you fallen in love with it. So, as I put on my traveler shoes to take a walking tour of the Boston city on a rather boring weekday, my camera could not have felt happier than in that moment…


There is no better way to start the tour than stepping ahead on The Freedom Trail. A 2.5 miles long, red brick path passing through downtown Boston, lead me through the 16 most significant historic sites, vital to the true making of America. From churches to traditional buildings, one can easily see it all in a few hours without even missing the directions as you follow the well laid trail. Unconventionally loud, with a series of events and performances engaging the tourists on the streets, the walk is travelers paradise – a true introduction to the multicultural vibe of the Boston city.


Right behind the Faneuil hall, a prominent landmark on the Freedom Trail, I found myself entering one of Boston’s most historic market complex, the Quincy Market. A must visit site, the market was actually built in 1824–1826 and is known to be designated as one of the largest shopping complexes built in the United States in the first half of the 19th century. Constructed in a traditional fashion with old buildings and brick paths, there are a series of permanent stores to shop from. Also present is a regular flea market in the area with stalls of different creative artists and vendors from all over the world.

Undoubtedly I found ‘Quincy’ as the best place to shop for something unique, a trending craft or some crazy souvenir shopping. Even if you are travelling solo, I would say the market is hardly boring as buskers fill the street, performing their inbuilt talents. Offering multiple options in cuisines, some real famous beer places added to my fun evening, and the choice of food was almost never-ending. Ah, and if you love chariot rides – you can find a grand one waiting right the corner, just like I did!


Between Quincy and the Boston Harbor, I crossed the Christoper Columbus Park. A perfect day out for kids or for a romantic walk, the park is blooming and green during the Boston summer. There are swings and play areas for the little ones, and a merry-go-round for everyone to enjoy. You can fly a kite or sit in the park with your laptop and enjoy the sun, next to the cool breeze coming from the harbor. Super lively and fun, the park is a true destination to enjoy the summer, and certainly my next best destination to kill the boring days.


Right before dawn, I reached my final destination of the day, the Boston Harbor. Breezy and blue, the harbor is full of life with restaurants built on decks and some hard to spot birds taking free flights in the air. And if you plan to take a motor boat ride, I even spotted some very cool Water Taxis coming for the rescue. A blessing in disguise for a travel photographer, the harbor will give you a chance to click endlessly, while you take a walking tour of the place built along the sides specially for tourists. Last but not the least, you can also spot from really funky yachts and historic ships while you sit and enjoy this view of the Massachusetts Bay.


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