HARVARD CORRESPONDENT, at The Harvard Gazette: During my internship at the Harvard Gazette in 2016, I explored the dreamy Harvard University from the inside, publishing two prominent photo galleries:

  • FOOD FOR THOUGHT: “Harvard’s varied dining halls attract undergraduates because of their intriguing spaces and moods, as well as their meals.”
  • SKY IS THE LIMIT: “In an area where light pollution has all but hidden the stars, Harvard’s Clay and Loomis-Michael Telescopes offer staff, students, and affiliates a vision of the night sky unlike any in the city.”


CORRESPONDENT / REPORTER, at THE SUN CHRONICLE NEWSPAPER, MA: During my 6 months work experience with a local Attleboro based newspaper in Massachusetts, I reported on a series of political and local state news articles. Here is a list of all my published features:



Times Of India, NRI CONTRIBUTOR: TOI is one of India’s very few news sites that provide a comprehensive coverage of stories about NRIs, as the Indian diaspora is always looking for ways to keep in touch with India, Indians and among themselves. Being one of them, I have been a regular NRI contributor for this section, talking about my experiences and feelings as an NRI, along with the unique life and culture of staying in America. Below are the links to the published articles:

A dive into ‘Voluntourism’ through my personal experience, shared on Complete Wellbeing magazine: Voluntourism: Discover the joy of travelling with a cause

LHA Charitable Trust organization in Mcloedganj, India – a month long sabbatical from work that was spent wisely teaching English to the Tibetans-in-Exile.

My thoughts for ‘Dear girls of the World’ – LET’S CELEBRATE CHANGE, TRAVEL AND WOMEN EMPOWERMENT IN INDIA on P.S. I am on my way.

A little about my life as an FUTURE EXPAT, and all the advice that I can give you from my experience on A Modern Girls Travels.