Three out of four of my grandparents were immigrants. Two generations later, I grew up comfortably, as middle-class American as we could be, far removed from the countries my grandparents left behind. I don’t straddle the cultural gap that first-generation American kids do. And to try to understand it better, I interviewed three of my friends, all first-generation Americans, who know that gap well.

Our tagline has been ‘nature is enough’ – we hope this will become a reminder to slow down and simplify. Think of spring time – when people like to ‘spring clean’ – it’s cathartic! You’re purging a bunch of stuff you don’t need and taking good care of what you want to keep and it feels really good when you’re done – like things have been set right again. This is how we define luxury – it’s almost synonymous with a sense of relief and accomplishment.

This summer, I made my most precious fashion purchase. It was ‘a bit of India’, that I was about to carry with me, to the States. And since then, I have never failed to bag a compliment wherever I have traveled to, for my #ThreadCasa bag. Carrying this global-desi mix of happiness has been making me proud, flaunting our Indian textiles and vibrant charms abroad, all put together creatively, into an envious tote.