‘Behind every Progressing woman there is a parent, a partner’: Women’s Day special

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Its once again time to celebrate the Women’s Day of 2016, and I have been thinking of who should I be wishing today. And what might seem to you as an odd choice – I deeply wanted to wish my father and my husband on this occasion, with a handwritten and heartfelt ‘thank you’ note. I will tell you why.

For me the world is changing, specially for women. As compared to 20 years back and today, there are a lot more women out there who are working, who are socially and financially independent, and successful in whatever roles in life they have chosen to play and excel in. For me ‘women are progressing’ in steady and notable ways, be it your mom, your sister, your girlfriends, your boss, and even the girl next door. And pleasantly enough, this change is getting its fair amount of recognition too, spreading across media, corporates, and social communities. We are slowly but steadily, walking shoulder to shoulder with successful men, as equals.

This got me pondering over these classic words of wisdom, ‘behind every successful man there is a woman’. But then, who are the people behind successful women today? So, as the wheels of our fortunes have changed, its time to give this quote, a new twist. Because I firmly believe…

‘Behind every Progressing woman, there is a parent, a partner’


I come from a family of strong opinionated women. So naturally, I have thanked my mother on enough occasions for making me the woman I have always wanted to be. But, on this special day, I wanted to dedicate this post to my two favorite men, my father and my husband.

If someone asks me in this moment, ‘Are you successful?’ My answer will be, ‘Well, I am surely progressing!’. But who made it possible for me in the background? It was and is, these two men.

There is a famous quote (almost like a sarcastic joke) in India, that Indian fathers spend a lot more of their wealth on their daughters wedding day than her education. This was true conventionally, but in this moment, I proudly choose to disagree. Because, my father, no matter how much of a traditional Indian he is, spent A LOT more money on my education, which made success possible for me today.

I look up to him when I think about how would I want to raise my daughter someday? I will raise her exactly the way he raised me – education over marriage, motivation over demoralization, my choices over his rigid beliefs, career over just a spoilt princess, and the right to lead my life with a man of my choice. On this women’s day, when I am progressing, I would like to wish my father for the progress of his daughter, for which he worked hard every single day of his life. Happy Women’s day Daddy.

The next notable person in a progressing woman’s life is her partner. I will vouch for that. My husband is a numbers guy, and I am creative junkie. Naturally that makes us a complete combination of the right and the left brain. While I make unrealistic plans based on my passion, he backs my goals with sound and calculated opinion. When I turn into a dreamer on a risky path, he keeps my life and our home stable in the background.

women's day - streettrotter

Marrying a man like that has its perks, specially for a woman with plans. He will support you through your dreams and desires. He will risk it for your progress, because he believes in you as much. Gone are the days when dishwashing and laundry was only a woman’s job. When I look around today, I see so many other girls my age, who are progressing with the silent support of their partners. And to celebrate this change, today, I want to wish my husband, for the progress of his wife. Happy Women’s day Hubby!

#InMyOpinion, this is not only my story, but this is a tale shared by many women across the world. Each successful woman has someone supporting her silently, and it is time that we look back and thank those people for our progress, and for making us the proud women we are.

And if you are one of those women, reading this post right now, I would love to hear from you! Who is the ‘someone’ behind your progress? Who would you like to wish today? Leave us a note below, and share your wishes! 


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    1. SHRADDHA GUPTA says:

      Thanks Swayam! I am so thankful for you wishes, and Happy Woman’s day to you too, for contributing so much into the life of your wife and your two daughters 🙂 ! Cheers.

  1. Bernard Tan says:

    Thanks! Women are incredible! I admire how my mum had brought us all up, with her might and strength, and she always sacrifice for us!

  2. Lovely! Totally love the twist on that old-fashioned quote 🙂 While I can’t vouch for a boyfriend or husband since #TeamForeverAlone, I can definitely vouch for having a strong family. My parents have always encouraged me to dream big and work harder, to feel entitlement ONLY when it is fully and indisputably earned, and to be open-minded and form my own opinions based on my own research. They’re 100% the reason I’m like I am today.

  3. Pooja says:

    Completely agree with you. I was thinking of this all day yesterday while we got flowers and special treatment at work. The men, who have let us progress, and made us who we are, are to be thanked as well. I would add my brother to this list for I admire him so much for all that he has achieved in life. From going to a lost case in school to finding his passion and following it with all his heart. He is such an inspiration to me.
    Lots of love and cheers to the most important men in my life.. Dad, Brother and Hubby!

  4. Truly touching post Shraddha! Women in our society have gone through a lot and are still struggling to find their position and achieve in what they believe and want to be! And this cannot be done without the support and help of their loved ones.. Beautiful written! 🙂

    1. SHRADDHA GUPTA says:

      Thanks! 🙂 I am glad women like us acknowledge our success to the people behind us too at every step of our life.

  5. This is an amazing post! I totally agree! We all have at least one person one way or another making us who we are today! Both my mom and dad have been that for me, a big thanks to them for always supporting me!

  6. Kelly says:

    That’s all so true. It’s hard to progress in a silo. There’s definitely been a collection of people pushing me forward – teachers, family members and amazing friends. I’m grateful to all of them!

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