India’s menstrual waste is estimated to be 1,13,000 tonnes annually. Around 121 million women and girls in India use disposable sanitary napkins. On average, an Indian woman bleeds 80 ml in one period cycle. A normal commercial pad can hold 5 ml to 7 ml of blood which means that women use at least 10 pads in one cycle. Sustainable menstruation refers to the usage of eco-friendly products during your period to contain your bleeding without it affecting the environment.

Conversation is like an art of exchanging thoughts, ideas, dialogue and approval between two or more people. And disappointingly this beautiful culture of dialogue between two or more people is no longer existentially as strong as it used to be. People these days don’t have time to engage in a head to head or a heart to heart conversation and hence failing to realize the importance of communication to understand and acknowledge the other person.Amidst of all this, cinema has been a great medium and influence to promote this culture through some of the intricately crafted films.

So after months of regret, stressful nights of thinking about my oh-so-dying blog, and some great amount of self-motivation – I decided to write this post out, with a promise to myself that I will bring it back. Why? – Because I always tell people – “The universe is kind. And dreams to come true. You just have to wish for it.” StreetTrotter was and is – my dream.

Dear Stalkers. When I came back to NIFT, I hardly knew I will fall in love with you all so hard, and bidding goodbye will feel like a real heartbreak. But like I always say, when I look back at my career as your teacher, I feel my role in your life was not only to teach you a subject, but also to make sure you become good human beings who can love deeply and reason logically. So if you are reading this – these are the ten things, I want to tell you before I leave – because no one ever will tell you this later.

The planet is 2 degrees warmer. It’s snowing in the Sahara Desert. Iguanas and sharks are freezing like popsicles. Islands are disappearing. Glaciers are melting. Climate change is real. Let’s accept it – there is NO PLANet B.

With the hazardous side effects of climate change surfacing at a greater frequency all over the planet, in terms of water availability, sea level rise, extreme weather disasters and coral bleaching, it became inevitable for the us to ask difficult questions and take uncomfortable stands.

If you are reading this, trust me – growing up sucks! But we all have to go through it anyways. Things will go out of your control, you will have people judge you, and you will fall in love with things you can’t have. You would want to turn back time, change it, make it work or simply shut it all out and pray for it to get over. You will want to elope, and that will pass too. I hope it will pass for me too.

Brands have caught on to blogging, especially clothing store brands. They know their customers don’t want to just shop, they want to live and breathe fashion. Blogs can help brands guide customers to shopping better or making sure they keep up-to-date on the latest seasonal trends. Here is a list of the top 10 best clothing store blogs available online right now.

Is traveling to Mexico alone safe? YES it is. Go for it. But, whatever said and done – truth is, a solo trip to Mexico needs a lot of pre-planning. And if you are a solo female – even more than ever. While I did plan my trip like a pro backed with important research – there were a lot of things that I learned and discovered while in Mexico – points that were important for my safety and my overall Mexico experience.