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Winter Skincare with ‘H’: Heal your Skin & Soul

I have always been a tomboy. And therefore cosmetics and skincare never came in abundance to me. I am one of those kinds, who would wait all their life for that one right product to fit my skincare schedule, and the moment I find it, its a love affair for life, sealed with loyalty. Recently, the harsh Boston winters, without fail, continue to torture my skin, and therefore looking for the right products to keep it nourished and toned, has suddenly become my top priority. And, this is how I found ‘H’, flashing its perky slogan right into my soul – ‘H is for love’. Within seconds I was sold.

So promptly I left a note to Bee, one half of H“What’s is H really?”. And Bee replied… “H is a lifestyle brand. It represents a philosophy of embracing simplicity without sacrificing luxury. It’s about being deliberate with our lives, especially our self-care, and using the perfect and plentiful gifts of nature to heal and honor our bodies from the outside in as well as the inside out. I made these products, initially, for myself, but I got excited when I saw how well they worked and wanted to share them. Plus, they are a joy to the senses!  They smell delightful and they perform beautifully.”


Our products are fairly simple compared with a lot of conventional skincare, but we don’t use synthetic preservatives or toxic petroleum-based ingredients because we believe the simpler way is sufficient and actually even better.  Simplicity plays a big role in a foundation of good health which cultivates things like peace and joy in people’s lives. We want to contribute to that in a meaningful way.

Her enthusiasm and love for what she has made, resonated with me so strongly, that I decided to try one of my own, the ‘H Propolis’ facemask. The very next week, Propolis landed into my mail, along with a hand written note from Bee, and an extra sample of the nourishing face oil.

image1 (4)My Review: Propolis worked magically for me. The combination of organic ingredients used are indeed thoughtful, and the product does smell like unfiltered magic. As Bee suggested, I applied the face oil right after washing off the mask, and it added an extra layer of nourishment to my skin. Using it twice a week, helped me balance the uneven texture of my skin, leaving it clear and toned. On a few days I add a bit of honey to the mask, which helps in unclogging skin pores and also adding more moisture to parched skin.

Consulting Bee on a few extra tips to mix and use Propolis differently, she suggested:

  • Mixing Propolis with water and using it once per week is a great way to see amazing results.  If there is an issue that needs to be addressed Propolis may be used several times in a week to help clear skin.  
  • I love to use it as an exfoliator in rotation with my other face cleansers. Just mix it in your palm with water – I like to let it set up a little while I brush my teeth.  It definitely tingles, which I love.  
  • Then use a damp cloth to wipe away.  This is a great way to experience the benefits of Propolis even if you don’t have time for the full mask experience.  
  • It can also be mixed with raw honey or organic whole milk yogurt for added moisture.  Propolis is full of vitamin C, minerals, and antioxidants and makes for a smooth, radiant face. The day after I mask is always my best skin day of the week.

People and life behind H:

Bee4I am a wife and mama.  My husband Jae is the other half of H, and we have two precious children 1, and 3, and a sweet old lady Ani (my dog who has been with me for going on 14 years now).  Behind the scenes looks mostly like crazy town, as anyone with young kids knows.  However, a couple days a week the kids go to a friend’s farm or to spend time with grandparents, and those are the days that I am able to put all of my focus on H.  

Formulating, filling orders, working on the website, connecting with people who submit orders or who have questions.  I try very hard to be present with my kids and be their mom before any business is tended to – that is really important to me.  But when they sleep, Jae and I work on H, and we always have so much to talk about that sometimes we feel like teenagers who can’t stop. Starting a business is a lot of hard work, but it can be a lot of fun, too!

What else is available at H:

Right now H has six products on the table.  NECTAR Nourishing Face Oil, PROPOLIS Regenerative Face Mask, BARA BALM Facial Emollient, LIP CONDITIONER No. 1, POLLEN Illuminating Mist and our men’s product LEE Luxury Beard & Face Oil.

Prices range from $17 for our Lip Conditioner, to $70 for our most luxurious product, BARA BALM.  BARA’s main oils are infused for over a month with herbs and the balm itself is a masterpiece of gentle, soothing, healing properties – and it smells heavenly.  That said, every oil we offer is infused with herbs.  I love to harness the healing power of plants.


Our tagline has been ‘nature is enough’ – we hope this will become a reminder to slow down and simplify. Think of spring time – when people like to ‘spring clean’ – it’s cathartic! You’re purging a bunch of stuff you don’t need and taking good care of what you want to keep and it feels really good when you’re done – like things have been set right again. This is how we define luxury – it’s almost synonymous with a sense of relief and accomplishment.

 Want to buy your own H?: Visit http://www.hforlove.com/


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