NewYear Eve 2016: The Boston Way!

Newyear eve followed soon after the still fresh, first snowfall of Boston, 2015. It was cheerful as always, and glittering like every year, but it all still felt new to us. This was our first New year eve in Boston city, and I can’t sound enough surprised at how lively it was, with families, children, youngsters, couples, and friends, all strolling through the singing and dancing streets.

Each year, the city offers its residents a great gift on the last day of the year, the 31st, with FREE shows, concerts, parades, public installations and fireworks going throughout the early evening until midnight. And topping it all with a cherry on the cake, were the additional free subway T’s that started this year from 8:00 p.m. till 2:00 a.m. in the night.

Our first stop was around 6:30 p.m. at the Boston Common, where the yearly tradition of the ice skating show kept an enthusiastic crowd engaged in celebrations. The ice-skaters jumped and swirled in the ring, showing off their best of skills, and the audience cheered at their performances. Sharp at 7:00 p.m. they announced the finale performance, under a 12 minutes long Newyear eve – firecrackers show, that lit up the sky in shimmering happiness.

Newyear eve - boston - streettrotter

The 7:00 p.m. fireworks in Boston are a tradition for families with young kids, and elders, who prefer closing their evening early. Another round of the Newyear eve – midnight fireworks takes place at the Boston Harbor each year, mostly for youngsters, and couples, who don’t mind the cold, and prefer celebrating at 12:00, following their dinner / party reservations.

Newyear eve - boston - streettrotter

Newyear eve - boston - streettrotter

Our next stop was a quick subway ride to Copley, where another tradition lit up the entire square. The ice sculptures all around the Copley Square park served as the perfect photo backgrounds for friends and family, lit in a multitude of colors. The lazer light and music show visually decorated the Boston Public library, along with a live concert right at the centre of the square. The public danced and merry-d, while we continued our rest of the evening with a cozy dinner.

For what we once thought, will be a no-travel, no-encitement kind of new year eve for us, turned out to be a rather special one, exploring our own city, and our own neighborhood. And in the end, there was nothing boring about this night, nor the city, as now I know, that Boston can hardly disappoint you with its festivities.

Newyear eve - boston - streettrotter

Newyear eve - boston - streettrotter

Newyear eve - boston - streettrotter

And before we end this quick post, wishing you all a very Happy Newyear eve 2016, here is a little heartfelt message from me to you, on this very first day of the year:

“You only need a little spark in life, and a lot of fire in yourself, to turn a bad year into a good one, and a good year into an even better one. With each new year, I grew up believing that there is nothing permanent in life, not even your home, your desires, or happiness, success and nor your sorrows. You cannot control any of it, but you can definitely turn your life around and change it as and when you want. Only If you ‘believe’, then every new year can become happy, just like I am wishing that 2016 will be for you and me!”

Newyear eve - boston - streettrotter

Here is a quick official guide for you to plan your next New year in Boston, without missing even a bit: http://www.boston-discovery-guide.com/first-night-boston.html


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  1. Vicki Garside says:

    Thank you for sharing all the wonderful things Boston has to offer in terms of NY eve activities. Its lovely to hear cities putting in so much effort to make the evening special for people of all ages. The ice skating & firecracker show sounds great!

  2. galanda23 says:

    I love big cities! There is always a real celebration for New Year’s eve in big cities and Boston is no exception. Other than being cold, I think it must have been quite a night there on December 31st.

  3. I love celebrating New Year’s in big cities. Boston looks like a nice place to celebrate NYE! I live in Vegas so there’s no shortage of fireworks here but I do appreciate the fact that they kept in mind those families that have children and might not want to stay out too late and wait till midnight to watch the fireworks. Happy New Years!

  4. aliceteacake says:

    What a delight to discover travel and excitement right on your doorstep. A big high five to Boston for bringing everyone together and putting on such a great show too. Happy New Year!

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