Five things you should experience in your 20’s


“Until I was 21, I stayed in the same house, the same city, around the comfort of my family and friends, with all the luxuries of a comfortable lifestyle I could imagine for myself. But then I moved out to study in a new country, and realized there was so much I could not do on my own and I had to learn, and there was so much about the world I didn’t know. I knew I had to try new things that scared me enough and transformed me as a person.” – StreetTrotter. 

It is very important to make the most of our lives. Many people regret because they weren’t adventurous at some point in their lives and missed a lot of good activities. Your 20s are the perfect years where you learn about your true self and the possibility of life and its options. With that in mind, we decided to give you a small list of adventurous activities to start with that are great for your spirit and mental and physical improvement.

#1- Extreme Sports to get your heart pumping

Trying out an extreme sport once in your life is a must. The top contenders in this section are skydiving, rock climbing, and bungee jumping. You will experience the full power of the adrenaline that kicks in as soon as you jump from an airplane or cliff. There are countless centers where you can apply for skydiving, bungee jumping, or rock climbing both as an activity or even a short certificate course. Make sure you read the reviews from other customers though before you dive into an extreme adventure. Whatever said and done, it is a dangerous and daring thing to do and you need to be certain that it is completely safe while you are at it.

#2 – Recreational Gambling is good for happiness

Think Goa? – Well why lie, because most of you are already excited to try it out. Many people perceive gambling as an addiction, but then there is gambling for entertainment also known as ‘recreational gambling’ in our times. Recent studies have also shown that people who indulge into controlled gambling are happier, more joyful and also certain games are healthy for your brain.

The interesting thing about gambling and casinos is that you can now play from the comfort of your home as well. Online casinos like novicasino.com, are more available than ever. Wager a small amount of money to start. It will get your heart pumping. It is an interesting activity to try out in your 20s, but again be careful, since gambling can be a bit addictive. Limit your budget and make sure you do not cross it beyond a strict entertainment level.

#3- Travel to experience the world 

No one is new to the idea of traveling, but once in your life you should do it to experience different cultures and get familiar with the world. Traveling will make you compassionate and you will learn the best practices in life through people who come from different backgrounds. Every country has its unique traditions to offer and you can upgrade your morality by getting to know them. You don’t have to travel to a tropical island or visit cliché destinations as a tourist. Even if it is a neighboring country, believe me, it is worth a visit. Start small, make plans, save money, and visit some places. Don’t wait and start filling the pages in your passport with numerous stamps as soon as you can.

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#4 – Mountain Hiking for an outdoor health meter

Mountain hiking/trekking is an excellent idea if you want to go on a small adventure. There are many mountain tops for a weekend getaway from which the view can be breathtaking and enjoyable. Apart from the view, it is a great sports activity which can improve your wellness and get your body addicted to a healthy routine. Before going out for a mountain hiking experience, make sure you know what is your physical stamina and how high you can climb. Some mountains are easily reachable regardless of your physical condition. These trips are also a good way to get to know a lot of new people in your life and to test yourself on your health meter.

#5 – Move Out From Your Hometown at least once

Once you feel like you did everything that you wanted to do before settling down in your dream house, it is wise to consider the option of moving out from your hometown at least once. Now, this is not “a must” if you are having a great time and you feel like you are successful, but you can always be more active in the quest to succeed in life when you are alone and there is nobody around to judge you or help you in your regular chores. Staying in a hostel, or going out in a new country for a short course, or a solo travel experience – getting to know yourself away from the comfort of your house can really make a difference to your lifestyle later. Even if it is for just a couple of years, it is worth to learn your true potential and whether you are capable to make it or not.



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