“Until I was 21, I stayed in the same house, the same city, around the comfort of my family and friends, with all the luxuries of a comfortable lifestyle I could imagine for myself. But then I moved out to study in a new country, and realized there was so much I could not do on my own and I had to learn, and there was so much about the world I didn’t know. I knew I had to try new things that scared me enough and transformed me as a person.” – Your 20’s are special and here are the five things you must experience to know yourself better.

India’s menstrual waste is estimated to be 1,13,000 tonnes annually. Around 121 million women and girls in India use disposable sanitary napkins. On average, an Indian woman bleeds 80 ml in one period cycle. A normal commercial pad can hold 5 ml to 7 ml of blood which means that women use at least 10 pads in one cycle. Sustainable menstruation refers to the usage of eco-friendly products during your period to contain your bleeding without it affecting the environment.