Cruising around TAHITI & HER Islands

We all travel for different reasons and in different seasons, but the one sure-shot time that we travel for love and romance, is our ‘honeymoon’. We scout for exotic places, and dreamy destinations. And for most it is the very idea of a beach, an island, or a cruise that takes their heart away. If you are next in the queue to get hitched, then Oscar Waterworth, our most favorite Contributor, has just the right romantic getaway experience to share with you…

Tahiti and Her islands are one of the best honeymoon locations in the world. That was the reason to explore all options and surprise my wife with a cruise. This way we could see many different islands and beaches without unnecessary hotel check-ins and check-outs. My wife loved the idea so we decided to go to a ten-day trip around Tahiti. This cruise was in every way unforgettable for both of us since we never experienced such a spectacular landscape and the most generous and friendly people.

The Boat Experience

Cruising around ‘Tahiti’

The best thing about cruisers, in my opinion, is the view. I love to sit on the main deck and just embrace the sea. My wife and I spent every evening on deck looking at the sunset. A cruising experience is also more affordable in terms of what you get for your money, since we could drink and eat in almost all of the restaurants on the boat. Also, since we were on our honeymoon, we always got free desserts or champagne during dinner and everyone on the boat was really polite and friendly so it significantly improved our stay.

Bora Bora

I wanted to make this trip special so I found the honeymoon program with special visits to small islands and hidden romantic lagoons. First, we went to see Bora Bora and spent two days swimming and going island shopping, where we tried some exotic local foods. Thereafter, we went to see a small lagoon by catamaran and swam all day, all over again.


Overwater bungalows at the Tahaa Pearl Beach Resort in Tahiti
Overwater bungalows at the Tahaa Pearl Beach Resort in Tahiti

Then we had two days to visit the Tahaa island, where we hiked through the island’s forests and visited some surrounding smaller beaches. We had a good time since we were in a dynamic group with youngsters who wanted to discover diverse flora and fauna along the way. At some point, we came across a wonderful waterfall that turned out to be the highlight of our day. In the end, my wife wanted to visit a local pearl farm so we could see how the process of pearl making looks like and bought some pearl necklaces as souvenirs.


Sunset in French Polynesia

On Raiteia we spent only one day and had lunch in one local restaurant. The guide told us that there is a special and a unique flower that can be grown only on this island, but we did not have enough time to find it. That night we had a romantic dinner on the boat, had taken some photos and enjoyed the magnificent sunset. We realized that Tahiti cruises are one of a kind experiences that you will remember for a lifetime.


Traditional Bungalow in Huahine Island

At Huahine we stayed in a luxurious overwater bungalow to relax for three days. We had our private decks and went swimming every morning before breakfast. We could use a spa center, so we had a few massage sessions a day, feeling blissfully relaxed. In the evenings, we went to see local dances and experience the native culture and music.


Crystal clear water beach at Tikehau

For the end of our cruise, this small island was like a cherry on top. We visited a few incredibly white sandy beaches with crystal clear water. My wife wanted us to stay on the beach but I wanted to dive and explore the marine life in those shallow waters. Around the Tuheiava Pass, we found a professional diver who was our guide and took us to see most beautiful colorful fishes, along with some lion-fish and parrot-fish.

In the end, this cruise was very special for me and my wife not only because it was our honeymoon, but since it was full of new experiences for us. Spectacular landscapes and nature made it unique and unlike any other trip we ever had.

About the Author: Oscar Waterworth is a writer from Sydney, Australia. A father of two and a working man, he somehow manages to find the time to write up an occasional blog post. In his free time he likes to travel, play futsal and build stuff with his kids. For Oscar’s updates, you can follow him on twitter


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