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#THREADCASA – Carry a bit of India, wherever you Travel

This summer, I made my most precious fashion purchase. It was ‘a bit of India’, that I was about to carry with me, to the States. And since then, I have never failed to bag a compliment wherever I have traveled to, for my #ThreadCasa bag. Carrying this global-desi mix of happiness has made me proud, flaunting our Indian textiles and vibrant charms abroad, all put together creatively, into an envious tote. 

So while my friends, and even strangers on the streets, from all over the world can’t resist to fancy my bag in America, I went back to Gunjan Singhvi, Founder of #ThreadCasa, to dig a little more into her heartfelt startup…

So let’s start from the beginning. The story behind #ThreadCasa?

#ThreadCasa – stands for “house of threads & fabrics”. During my wedding shopping this year, I always felt there is something missing in terms of good bags and clutches. If you buy an Indian clutch or a bag, you cannot carry it with a western outfit and vice-a-versa. I always wanted something that is a combination of a global-desi feel, which you can customize according to the look you are staging.

It was not even a month post marriage – I and my mother-in-law were discussing the same idea and we came up with the thought– ‘why not start designing ourselves?’, and #ThreadCasa was born.

What makes you different from other similar brands in the market?

Well, trust me I don’t see any brand with our kind of totes, slings and clutches. Yes, there can be a bit of similarity, but the uniqueness that we bring via our cuts, fabric choice, charms, vibrant colors, mix of material, designs and quality – is something that makes our bags stand out in the crowd. Another plus is the exclusivity that we offer, as no two bags in our collection are ever the same. Its like owning your own little piece of cultural couture. 

These handmade bags provides the joy of fashion and rich culture of India. They are adorned with vintage Phulkari of Punjab, Sanganeri prints and patch work of Rajasthan and Mirror work of Gujarat.

Handcrafted to look trendy and stylish, the entire brand exudes an old world charm to your bag closet. They not only add style in your outfit but are very travel friendly too. We have different sizes that fit all kinds of travel needs, offering designs that are fresh with an urbane charm.

Give us some tips on how can we style these bags for different occasions?

You can carry our ‘slings’ with jeans & tee or with any maxi-dress. On the other hand, you can use the same sling with any Indian skirt or a kurta. I would say it is a perfect choice if you have to attend a mehndi function, or if you are on a vacation – as you have the sling tucked safely around you, with all your essentials inside – phone, credit cards, and your tit-bit cosmetics.

Our gypsy tote, is a perfect choice for a regular office day, lunches, dinners or high-tea gatherings. It not only adds brightness in your corporate attire but also have ample space to keep your everyday essentials.

streettrotter - #threadcasa fashion bag
Shraddha Gupta, Founder & COO of Streettrotter, on the Boston University campus, carrying her #ThreadCasa bag from India, with all her everyday college essentials inside.

How often do you change your collection and how do they differ from each other? – As fashion being a dynamic market, there is no specific timeline to our change of collection, as we continue to innovate and come up with new designs regularly. One can always find something new in store for them.

How can we buy our own #Threadcasa? You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook. You can also mail us at


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