THE DALAI LAMAS TEMPLE…Finding Isolation in a Crowded place…

There is this one thing about PEOPLE that amuses me the most….’The ability to be Isolated in the most Crowded of places’. And I believe the power comes naturally in The Dalai Lama’s temple in McLeodGanj…


Even being the loudest of area’s, filled with the visiting tourists, the everyday localities and the residing monks, the monastery holds peace and silence in its truest of forms…a place of connecting to your inner self for many. The ongoing chants in the backgrounds impart the walls a soulful voice, that is nevertheless Enchanting!


Much like the prayer beads Mala we have seen our elders adorning while doing their puja’s in the Hindu religion, one can easily spot the Buddhist Prayer Beads on many in the monastery, used in ‘keeping count while reciting, chanting, or mentally repeating a mantra or the name or names of a deity’. Not to miss my eye were the endless variations of prayer wheels that each person had – new, old, ancestral and one of a kind pieces of family heritage’s…



While many come and visit the monastery as a tourist place, I can find myself sitting there for hours just looking at people around me. Their expressions, their smiles, their silence and their eyes – differ, is a sense of a million different worlds, commonly united in this one single place that bring peace and harmony. For many it can be an escape, and for me its a place that reminds of the famous quote – “Getting lost in the crowd will only help you Find Yourself…”