THE PRAYER WHEELS AND THE CHANTS…In the discovered – undiscovered land of 'McLeodganj'….


A common find in most of the Buddhist lands…the power of the Prayer Wheels still remains undiscovered by many, and a growing fascination to my eager mind. Referred  in various texts as a tool to ‘accumulate wisdom and merit, and to purify negativeness’…the beautifully laid spindles across McLeodganj are the heart and soul of the place and the people…


‘OM MANI PADME HUM’… A chant most commonly found written, being recited and engraved on walls and stones in every single corner of the place, in Tibetan Buddhism, it is considered as the most common prayer, the mantra of Chenrezi, the Buddha of compassion. Be it spinning the written form or viewing it everywhere, the mantra is said to have the same effect, meant for people to see it and invoke the blessings of the lord…


Capture it in your mind, in your words and in your camera’s… The beauty of these chants, and the peace that lies behind them, is far beyond the ordinary, that imparts a mesmerizing soul to McLeodganj….