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How a Map framed our love story: Try Mapify!

Maps, they tell your entire story. Every place you traveled, every lane you trotted and every memory you made. Sometimes the story is only yours, and sometimes it’s about you and that special person. And when a moment you both cherished is over – a map is all that is left in time to revisit that story – that maybe changed your entire life.

So what if your map could be so detailed that it lays out that entire neighborhood? Every back street and every alley? What if it lays out every single step you might have taken in those corners that are otherwise hard to zoom in? Well, that’s what Mrs. StreetTrotter gifted Mr. StreetTrotter this valentines their love story zoomed in a map. – All thanks to Mapify. 

Mapify - streettrotter

Our story: It started in Delhi – her hometown, in a neighborhood called Connaught Place (CP). On the city map this is the central point of Delhi drawn as a series of inner and outer circles. Her favorite place in CP is a road called Janpath – every foreign tourist’s delight full of sovereigns, Indian charms and traditional shopping – as culturally rich a flea market you can think of. And somewhere in this market is a tiny little shop called Depaul’s. That is where she took him for their first coffee – and they knew it was love. All he wanted from there on was her and a life with enough love to afford that coffee for the rest of their life. Together.  This is now our happily ever after – on a map.

Mapify - streettrotter

How did we map it? – Try a tool called Mapfier – by a company called MAPIFY.CC

Our Review: A few months back our map from arrived – and I was love struck! <3

  • Unlike other companies – this map is not printed on a normal paper but instead has a laminated quality to it which makes it look even more posh and expensive.
  • The roads and street details on the map are extraordinary and exceptionally zoomed in. I could literally put my finger on each road and building I remember from this neighborhood and this very feature makes this map extra special for us. It is not just buying yet another city map – but the fact that you can zoom into the details – it’s fantastic!
  • The little heart feature right in the centre (which comes different size options) – is adorable if you are gifting this map to your other half. A perfectly thoughtful gift for your loved one.
  • The text on the map is in a beautiful clean font with an added option of customizing your subtexts – yet another special add-on.
  • The map comes in a rolled storage packaging which makes it easy to handle and store until you get it framed.
  • Prices range from $55 to $75 for the map for sizes that range from medium (50*70 cm) to large (70*100 cm). The layout comes in interesting options too – from portrait, landscape to a unique panoramic view.
  • In terms of style – Mapify seems to be acing the market with its exclusive options of a black map (twilight) and also a colorful pop art version if you would like to add some deep colors to your wall.
  • To complete the look – there are options of handmade frames as well in natural wood and black color styles available from a $99 price range.
  • Shipping is extra depending upon your location – but if you are reading this – your SHIPPING IS ON US! Use our special discount code: STREETTROTTER at checkout!

Mapify - streettrotter

Mapify - streettrotter

Mapify - streettrotter

So if you are looking for framing your own love story in a map – once again, don’t forget we got your shipping covered! – Use our special discount code: STREETTROTTER at checkout!



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