I love my Coffee: My favorite 6 from around the world!

It’s hard to not judge someone on their choice of bad coffee. And often coffee lovers like me are extremely picky and deeply sensitive about their coffee flavors specially while traveling. It always has to be perfect! On a trip, my mood largely depends on how good my coffee was in the morning and hence here is a post about me being a good-coffee-hunter all over the globe.

Recommending a few of my favorite variations – this list is beyond the average Starbucks and bound to be tried by every coffee addict. 

Turkish Coffee

If you ever land up in Turkey, or an authentic Turkish restaurant – their coffee should be high up on your order list. Not only because it is one of the purest forms of unfiltered coffee but also because it is a declared ‘intangible cultural heritage’ of the country. Roasted and then finely grounded beans are simmered in a traditional turkish pot where the grounds are allowed to settle for a few minutes for the real flavor. Throughout the Arab world you will find various variations of this recipe; and for a fun fact: a Turkish coffee is also a very important part of the local wedding customs.

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Cinnamon Cappuccino 

Who doesn’t love a cup of cappuccino? But not everyone will serve it to you with a pinch of cinnamon in it. Somehow I have always related a cappuccino with cinnamon as a sign of luxury or simply good taste. Curious about its history, here is a fun fact: Apparently Italians do not put any cinnamon in their cappuccinos, but Americans and Europeans often do. Traditionally cinnamon was used to disguise the somewhat mediocre taste of the beans which later became a local expectation – and today a global recipe.

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Depaul’s Cold Coffee, North India

Growing up in Delhi I could not have missed the famous Depaul’s coffee. And if you are planning to visit North India anytime soon – you can’t miss it either. One of the oldest coffee shops and now a chain in Delhi – Depaul’s started from a small shop in the Janpath market and has been a family favorite of many over generations. My mom has her own Depaul stories when she was in college and then I have the same. Most likely, my kids with have some too. A cold coffee full of strong mystery flavor – its hard to have just one. Chances are you will have more than three in one visit.

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South Indian – Filter Coffee 

Crossing boundaries from north to south in India – even the coffee styles change dramatically in our country. And married to a South Indian, I could not have been more blessed, as all I would ever need to keep me happy is the filtered coffee of the south. Traditionally called Kaapi, it is made by mixing frothed and boiled milk with the decoction obtained by brewing finely ground coffee powder in a traditional Indian filter. The best way of trying this coffee is to have it served in an authentic steel tumbler and saucer combination and mixing it back and forth for its real flavor.


Coffee with Whipped Cream 

Call it the frosty coffee, or call it the Americano with whip – Puerto Rico won’t disappoint you with this one. Being the typical coffee addict I am, the first thing I ordered while our trip to the island was a cappuccino – which came with lots and lots of whipped cream, apparently the Puerto Rico-n way of doing it. Well, what looks like a swirl ice cream, actually ended up being a delicious early morning dose of much needed caffeine.

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Pumpkin Spice Latte

If you love pumpkin and if you love fall – you will certainly love the Pumpkin Spice too. This one is America’s most cherished fall favorite – espresso, steamed milk and a blend of powdered cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves, and real pumpkin pie spice. Even though I am personally not fan of this one as it’s too sweet for my not-so-sweet tooth – I would recommend trying one made with a local pumpkin to kickstart the pumpkin season every year.

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