Five tips to make the best of your 30 Day Design Challenge

Dear challengers. While design challenges are fun and force you to think, they can also be used as a tool to learn, build your portfolio and open up your mind to different perspectives to the same problem. Here are 5 quick tips on how you can make the most of this 30 day design challenge. 


#1 – Research the problem, not the solution.

The 30 day challenge is a curated mix of simple everyday problems and topics. They have been carefully researched to make you think about design as a possible solution for everyday life, and therefore every problem is worth the research for you all well.Once you get your challenge – spend 20 minutes to an hour to read about the given topic and understand it fundamentally. Then think of its possible solution and draft it. Refrain from heading onto Pinterest or other inspirational platforms to see how others have designed the solution – rather think of one on your own. Remember – this is a design thinking challenge – and there are no right or wrong answers – and no judgements on your skill levels. We are only seeing how creatively can you think and solve for a problem you truly empathize with and understand.

#2 – Interpret the problem however you like. Think like you. Be you.

Remember the example of a glass of water half filled or half empty? Similarly – it is up to you how you read the everyday design challenge. Some of the best designers in history are the ones who just managed to read a problem differently than most others. We are not expecting you to deliver expected answers afterall all. Again, there are no right or wrong solutions. Read and understand the challenge in your own way to your best understanding and logic. Don’t overanalyze!


#3 – Keep up and commit everyday. Even if it’s just a 15 minute doddle.

Design challenges test your personal commitment to design and creative thinking. They force you to come up simple solutions on an everyday basis. Don’t think of this challenge as a burden on a tiring or a heavy day – rather look at it as a stress buster. The day you cannot spend a lot of time on it – do a 15 minute doodle and submit! But do it to nurture your own self as a designer.

#4 – Curate your Instagram feed. Pick a style or a colour palate.

Take this challenge as an opportunity to curate your feed as a designer / illustrator on Instagram. Pick a style, a color palate, a standard size or a presentation format for the 30 days – and keep it consistent to curate your Insta feed. You can even make a new account for this challenge and present it as your portfolio later!
This is a great opportunity to create original work and get a portfolio out there of how you think and do things – all while keeping up with the challenge. Here are a few examples of illustrators that I follow – who have curated their feeds brilliantly. Have a look, get inspired, explore and pick a style – and use this challenge as your body of work.



#5 – Warm up with a good read: The Design of Everyday Things


Imagine this problem: “Design a way to open a door.”


Now imagine a door.


There are many alternate solutions. You can open the door with a handle on the right. Or on the left. You can push. Or pull. You can slide it in any direction. It could be even hinged and swings open instead. Or maybe it can be a revolving door. These are all correct solutions to a simple everyday problem – How to open a door? And that’s the purpose of this challenge. To make you think design for creative problem solving.






If you want to warm up and have the time – read up this pdf version of the bible for designers like us – “The design of everyday things” by Don Norman.


Download your PDF copy from here. I just finished reading it! Happy learning.


Remember, make the best out of your #streettrotter30daydeaignchallenge ! Make happy, simple designs – and celebrate design!


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