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Dear Designers, I know it’s the pandemic. And pandemics are hard. So to keep us all inspired, I designed a 30 day design challenge for you. Let’s think “design” to solve problems, doodle creative solutions and critique constructively with peer feedback. 


How it works? 


Every morning at 9:00 AM – we will post a new design problem on Instagram stories for you. The challenge will use a common hashtag #streettrotter30daydesignchallenge 


From 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM you will design a creative solution for that given problem. This solution can be a hand drawn / hand painted design, can be a quick sketch, a 15 min doodle or even a digital illustration or graphic design. Your solution is your baby, you can design it however you like – as long as you are solving the problem within the given time frame daily. 


Before 5:00 PM you submit your design everyday on a link that we will provide daily for submissions. 


From 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM – we will review the best 10 submissions and post them on my Linkedin Profile


Each of you will be then required to provide peer feedback through comments on the top 10 designs shared on this public platform. This will encourage you to create your Linkedin account, start using it, make it active through this process, network with other participants at the same time and grow your professional reach while working on the daily design challenge. 


At 8:00 PM everyday – we announce a daily winner on Instagram – rated, and reviewed through your comments! We all then share the winners success and celebrate these little milestones! 


Mandatory Rules!


  • It’s mandatory to participate for 30 days. I know it’s hard, and some days can be tough to design – but this is a commitment you make to yourself to design faster, better and like a professional. Make sure you sign up only when you are sure to show up for it for 30 days – starting August 1st, 2020! Remember, your entries can be a simple 15 minute doodles as well. The solution matters and not the perfection of it at this point! 
  • It’s mandatory to log into your linkedin everyday and critique the 10 best entries – even if they are not yours! Peer feedback is a healthy and important practice. It teaches you to understand varied peer perspectives, how to take constructive criticism to improve and design better. It also teaches you how to critique work in a professional space without being hurtful or negative towards another peer’s design process. It is a practice we all have to learn and grow with to become better professionals in the future. 
  • You are ‘encouraged’ to share everyday the 10 best entries and also the winning entry on your profiles. Remember design communities are built with sharing and caring for other peer designers and celebrating design in a healthy manner – where we all support each other and grow with each other! 


Meet your challenge Moderators! 



If you have read all the above, and want to join our design challenge – please sign up below! 


Start Date: 1st August 2020

Official Challenge Hashtag: #streettrotter30daydesignchallenge 


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