Fall is here along with freshly ripe pumpkins and apples, and so are the fall traditions. – Apple Picking 2014. 

Our alarm buzzed early in the morning and we were ready to drive to the apple farms. Even though we were informed to reach no later than 12 noon, way before the event started I could imagine the lush green lands decorated with orange pumpkins, apple cider and cider doughnuts for our welcome. For obvious reasons, from this day on, ‘Apple Picking’ has become my most favorite American tradition.



Each year, the Labor Day weekend marks the start of the Apple picking season, when dozens of orchards open to the public. Over the years the activity has become a family tradition, where kids and parents go out together to pick fresh apples directly from the trees and enjoy a refreshing day out.



We celebrated the start of the season in New England, US, in one of Boston’s most premier Orchards – Honey Pot Hill. (While one can choose according to the popularity of the farm, you can always look for an orchard close to your area of stay, as there are several orchards which offer the activity.) We entered the orchard and entered our beautifully laid event venue, with food, pumpkins and the most awaited hay ride which would take us to the apple farms.



Once we reached the orchard, the drill was simple. You choose the quality of apples you wish to pick and move into the marked directions. From small to really big and red apples, you can pick it all, along with the most juiciest golden supreme apples. You can buy your bags from the store at the entrance of the orchard according to the size of your choice and once the activity starts at 12, you are most welcome to pick as late as 6 o clock.






Apart from the apples, the farm is laid with lush orange pumpkins for purchase, and the whole family can enjoy the new Big Green Monster Hedge maze at the Honey pot hill for fun. If you are lucky and visiting on a weekend, Bosc pears are available for pick-your-own as well. If you are planning a complete day out, food is available for purchase at the food stalls and restrooms for convenience can be found too. You will easily get a parking near your farm, but the earlier you reach, the better are your chances to get a good parking spot without delays and waits.



After a full day of fun and farms, we came home with bags and bags of apples, which have now been transformed in apple sauce, apple crumble and juice. The pumpkins are carved with faces for upcoming Halloween decorations and are lit every evening at the house entrance to spook our neighbors! A season full of traditions and excitement, I eagerly await our next apple picking trip!


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  1. Jatin Adlakha says:

    Haha, very interesting tradition. I can imagine the fun in climbing the ladder and picking some apples!! Beautiful pictures as well 🙂 How do they taste, by the way?

    1. Well, they tasted perfect!
      The fun part was you could choose between and types of apples you wanted to pick, the smaller ones, the more bigger and juicer ones, or the golden supreme’s! Loved the concept entirely. Thanks.

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