‘Dear Social Media’ – A Letter from a Blogger.

Dear Social Media,

30th September 2014, Orkut finally comes to a shutdown. I remember as a teenager when Orkut first introduced me to the virtual world madness and showed me the possibilities of the future. And reading about this buzzing news yesterday, got me thinking of all the things I owed to say to you as a blogger – my dear ‘Social Media’ and your growing development over the years. And hence this letter happened.

Let me start with a simple mention of why I (a blogger) exist today. It’s because you made it possible for me to exist. You gave me a platform to share my voice with others, the people who I do not know in person but had the chance of connecting over a virtual distance through our shared interests, thoughts and work. By giving me an opportunity to generate content for you, you made a space for me in your world and gave me an identity of my own. Today, I share my blog and my pictures with thousands of like minded people over the planet, all thanks to you.

WordPress and Blogger have affected a bloggers life in more ways that you can ever imagine. They have made it easier for us to create our ever so lovely profiles, creative portfolios of thoughts and follow it through with others. Instagram, Twitter and Tumbler are almost serving as our voice and eyes in this virtual space, and not a moment of inspiration is therefore missed to be captured and shared.

Even before we wake up to read the newspapers, we learn the realities of the world through the numerous facebook status, and share our opinions through our profiles instantly with our readers.  A thought, a moment in a photograph or a strong opinion is now in our power and quick access, all with your increasing effect. We have achieved our proud tags as bloggers, Instagramers and Twitteraties, with you being by our side and helping us weaving a world the way we look at it as individuals.

Fashion and styling is accessible to the most ordinary of us, through your fashionable web of styling blogs. Travel is even a more genuine desire and looks possible with the decreasing distance you have created through inspiring travel blogs. Technology is easier to decode with experts give online advice in the wake of a click. A question is never unanswered, and a confusion is never unsolved anymore, when approached through you – as a cared response only takes seconds to emerge from different parts of the world.

I am someone to everyone today, as you helped me in making that happen and reach out virtually to the world. To some, you might be an overload of information, but for bloggers like me you are our pen and paper, our very own drawing board. Through you I am documenting my life, expressing my identity and beliefs – and also looking at the world through the mind, heart and blogs of others.

Thanking you.

Yours Sincerely,

A blogger, in year 2014.


StreetTrotter is a Travel, Culture & Lifestyle blog, inspiring people everyday with real stories to look good and travel even better. Founded in 2012 by Shraddha Gupta, Founder & COO, this space is all about experiencing new things in life, be it a daring mountain trek, a frugal backpacking trip, a runway look made local, or simply anything that scares you enough to live a little more deeper.

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