Sometimes photographs are taken to capture breathless landscapes and memorable moments, and sometimes they capture life – as is. Photo Journalism in day-to-day lifestyle is a unique form of media, which uncovers life, incidents and places, in their true domestic form. All you need is the right moment to click and document. In a one-on-one conversation with Kit C Boo, a Malaysia born photographer currently living in Sydney, Australia – Streettrotter.com uncovers the mind and heart of this photographic artist as he narrates his life, work and techniques…

My main focus has always been scenic travel photography with an emphasis on the inconspicuous moment of everyday life.

Rajasthan - streettrotter

How did it all start? 

I have been travelling since I got my first passport at the age of 18. However, I never believed in taking photos while travelling. But about two years ago I realized that all the countries I have been to, were more like a dream to me. It was very hard to share my travel stories with my friends by only talking about it. So one day I walked into a camera shop, got a camera for myself and decided that from now on I will be taking photos wherever I go and share them with the world.

 Your philosophy of photography? 

For me all my photographs capture a moment, which is almost like a ‘blink’ of an eye. I am very interested in observing the subject anonymously and I do not like the idea of the subject feeling the instinct to change for the camera and make it artificial or staged. Be it a busy street or a person, I never hijack the subject’s ‘moment’ or withdraw them from it.

Rajasthan - streettrotter

 Because we are no longer in the ‘film era’, digital photography is becoming much more affordable for a new photographer like me. Personally I like to walk around on the street and look for the moment to happen, instead of staging them. None of my photos till date are staged or being posed for. I prefer my photos to be real just like a passing moment and they can never be repeated even a second after. To me, the moment is greater than anything else when it comes to photography.
Rajasthan - streettrotter
Your style of Photo Journalism…
Because I like to indulge myself into a journalism style of  photography, every moment is very important to me. This includes the lighting and the composition to create a great photo. Again, due to the style I shoot, I only do minor editing to my photos. This involves cropping of the frame and minor adjustments to the contrast. Otherwise I tend to leave the photograph natural. My experience taught me that you can never fail by trying, and  I appreciate every moment and always get my camera ready.
Personally I prefer street photography to clicking landscapes or cityscapes. I find that the Internet is already flooded with photogenic landscape or city images while street photography is all about the spontaneous moment and you can never repeat it.

Rajasthan - streettrotter


Sun Cities! In Jodhpur and Udaipur, colour is everywhere. The people in these cities live surrounded by colour, and in my following pictures I am just capturing their daily life along with the colour they live in. For me it’s always about capturing the moment, when people are unaware of it. This moment should be a part of their daily life or daily routine. And of course Rajasthan it’s about Colour. The Blue part of their life is what is the most important, as they grew up with it.

Rajasthan - streettrotter

For more of Kit C Boo photography and on Rajasthan, visit – http://kitcboo.wordpress.com/


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