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CAMPING in the WOODS: Your dose of Wilderness Inspiration

I am a wild child, craving constantly for the wilderness. The woods are my soul place, and sleeping in a tent or a rugged cabin is often what I yearn to call home. And that’s why every summer in Boston – calls for a camping trip.

Following our last camping in Maine, this year we set camp at the Deer Mountain Campground in Pittsburgh, New Hampshire. It was raining the entire evening, so camping in the rain is yet another experience in itself, and we have been twice lucky/unlucky to enjoy that. While the view was breathtaking and unreal enough to capture in photographs, here is our attempt to take you through our camping experience in pictures – a little dose of wilderness inspiration for you.


The cabin is a mood too.


They camped in Hammocks by the river.

Version 2

Time to set camp for us.


Home away from home.


No materialistic trespassing.


Our moment, with only the wild as our witness.


The fire made it warm.


Getting lost is the only way to find.


Somewhere far away.


He loves the water.


Being on the road is not just any other thing you do. It’s a promise you make to yourself. That you will grow alongside this world, a bit rough, a bit wild, a bit tough and a bit more right. You pledge yourself a raw education that comes more from experiences and less from the classrooms. You have to do it with courage because it might not give you second chances. And after a while you realize, the road is the only drug you need, it’s a habit that makes your soul smile, and that is one thing you can never defeat.


  • To book your own camping experience at this spot: Click here! 
  • Carry your own: tent, firewood, trash bags, fire starters, lighters, mosquito repellents, food to grill, torch lights, rain jackets, waterproof hiking shoes, flip flops as add ons, umbrellas, comforters, pillows, water bottles, wet tissues, disposable plates, glasses and other cutlery.
  • Happy Camping! 

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  1. Akanksha Dureja says:

    Loved the post and the pictures! Makes me want to head to some place beautiful right now. Thankfully, I am off to the hills for the weekend 🙂
    Keep inspiring!

  2. VJ Sharma says:

    What a lovely post with inspiring stuff. I see very few people doing such activities in India. Frankly speaking, I want to plan but not sure about the security, especially when something has to be planned with family.

    I am heading to hills this weekend and will see if I can plan something interesting after seeing your inspiring post 🙂

    1. SHRADDHA GUPTA says:

      Thanks! I love the camping culture here. I get what you are saying, and safety is certainly an issue in India. In the US these camping sites are regularly maintained with park rangers watching out for campers and hikers from time to time. Safety is priority, and that is why it is easy to camp in places like these. But in India it is still a new unless you are with a tour or I have seen it on Triund while night camping. Not sure if there are other places like these in India.

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