About craving to travel, but still staying put and getting that MASTERS!

Master's - streettrotter

Life is C.R.A.Y. Period. 

Flashback four years all the way back to 2013. I hardly had any complaints with my career and was rocking a job that people sort of envied. My salary was decent – enough to provide me with all the small and big necessities I had started to spoil myself with. But my life was sinking into a deep monotony and then something in my body snapped. I knew it was time for a change – to quit my comfort and shake myself out of my success that made me so complacent that for a moment I forgot how to dream. That’s the thing about being content – it stops you from aiming for everything else that you didn’t know you were even capable of. It makes you get used to perfect. But I like life flawed.

I often wonder – what if I hadn’t left then? – Would I have climbed that mountain? Would I have walked that frozen river? Would I have turned to the silence of that retreat? Would I have opened my heart to volunteer for those few in need of education? – If I would have not left then – would I have taken all those risks I am proud of today?

Right there, right then – leaving seemed fine. It seemed like the wisest option of them all. I still remember it was my birthday and I was out there about to launch a Chinese wish lantern. But before I could make it fly – I had to make a wish. It was in that moment I realized I was 25 and I HAD NOTHING TO WISH FOR. I HAD EVERYTHING I NEEDED IN LIFE. Till today, I tag it as the scariest moment of my life. I freaked out within seconds and wanted to run away so fast that no one could find me.Master's - streettrotterYesterday was my commencement day. Back to 2017 – I am finally a Master of Science, JOURNALISM from The Boston University. During the ceremony, a fellow batch mate took the stage to give the graduation speech. Even though every word he said made sense to me – he said one thing that stayed. “SAFE IDEAS CAN KILL YOU.”

For someone who knows me inside out, this wont come as a surprise. The fact – that I travel every time I want to escape. Every time I want peace. I hate safe. Safe – chokes me. It might not be normal to be this way, but it’s who I am – without any shame or fear.

So for someone who is a blatant escapist – how did this happen? – Staying put and getting that Master’s degree?Master's - streettrotterIf this makes any sense to you – I have always been an over achiever. I think too much and I want too much from life as well. I am needy of change. Change that looks hard to achieve and challenges my complacency. Travel once fed this side of me, and then my Masters did.

By 2015 I had taken enough of that travel break. I had lived my idea of ‘nomadic’ and once again I wanted more. Moving to the USA didn’t come easy, but it pushed me to dream once more. Settle – yet unsettle once more. And just like that I started looking for universities that raised the bar, were challenging to crack and asked for too much to deliver. It all seemed like a new brain-game to me and I loved the way that adrenaline rushed inside my body. But all along I was sure of one thing – StreetTrotter writes. And I would never give up on that. I would always be someone who writes.

Master's - streettrotter

Since then life has been a roller coaster of emotions. Of knowing and not knowing too much – all at the same time. It has been about new courses, new assignments, new skills, new internships and new techniques. About deliverables that drained me and a fees that was far far far more than affordable. Three jobs, endless hours of studying and commuting back and forth – made me come this far. Its wasn’t pretty – but looking back at all those semesters today makes me happy. Staying put didn’t seem like staying put at all. I might have come across as settled – but deep down I know I didn’t settle.

My master’s in Journalism fed like a parasite on my need of curiosity. My craving for different cultures, and for the endless stories of different people. In a way I traveled far and beyond while I was staying put in Boston and working on my degree. Journalism made me travel to new ideas, new events and new changes everyday – around the globe. Maybe my body was in one place, but my spirit was traveling – just like the traveler in me would always.Master's - streettrotterToday, being hooded is like another place traveled. Another experience earned. Another culture learned and lived. It feels like an ending leading to another adventure. Another unsettling moment – asking me to dream once more. It is time for another plan, another risk and another map. This master’s degree is yet another reminder to take that forever – Leap of faith.

P.S. – “The most rewarding struggles are the ones which have the greatest risk. So risk it.” DON’T YOU SETTLE.