Top reasons to visit TIMES LITFEST ’19

The Times Litfest is in its sixth year in Bangalore, and it is bigger and better with a line-up of authors of every vintage and persuasion. It will be organized at the Jayamahal Palace this weekend. The festival’s central theme is “Aseem: Beyond Boundaries”, which reflect the universality of good literature. The event promises to introduce literature lovers and bibliophiles in and around the Garden City to over 100 writers who have regional, national, or international presence. So we recommend you to be a part of this #SweetLiteraryTreat on February 23 and 24 and bond with your favorite authors. Entry is FREE.

Here are our favorite reasons to be at the festival this year:

Extend your understanding of a society in flux:

The event will start with a talk by Perumal Murugan’s perspective on literature and freedom of speech. Actor Pooja Bhatt and historian Ramachandra Guha will then express their opinion about the ‘Art and Craft of Historical Biography’. More than a literary festival, this is a festival of ideas, where you can participate in discussions on topics ranging from writing, reading, authorship, publishing, new forms of writing and publishing, changing faces of journalism and entrepreneurship, on governance, politics, comics, food, film-making, sports, the Internet and much more.

Wide range of topics & multiple sessions:

In keeping with the spirit of the festival, the sessions will cover a range of issues from politics and current affairs to sports and children’s fiction. Frank Serafini once said, “There is no such thing as a child who hates to read; there are only children who have not found the right book”. Since, multiple sessions will be held and it is not compulsory to attend them all, you may visit the fest as per your interest and convenience.

Wide range of themes:

Times Litfest has established a community where literary minds gather, ideas are shared and narratives from many cultures are woven together. Freedom of speech, digital media, historical biographies, urban identity, translations, crime fiction, pop culture, and the environment are just few. Consider the range of panel themes a literary enthusiast like you might get to witness this weekend: some narrowly ‘literary’, others exploring the wider role of ideas in society and politics”.

Wide range of writers LIVE:

If there’s one thing a book lover cant resist, its watching their favourite authors engage in intellectual discussions live, on topics as diverse as astronomy and politics, and that’s exactly what the Times Litfest is all about. Over 110 participating seasoned authors, thinkers, activists, journalists, entrepreneurs, doctors, actors, spiritualists, sportspersons with a sprinkling of film personalities will share the stage to discuss wide range of subjects from history, feminism and minority rights to demonetization.

Take a Masterclass:

Times Litfest
Heather O’Neill

The main weekend festival will be preceded by a masterclass Workshop by Canadian best-selling novelist Heather O’Neill on the Topic “Creating Moments of Grace in Fiction”.

She will focus on ‘Writing for Women’ and will be assisted by her literary agent Helen Mangham. Heather O’Neill is the author of ‘Lullabies for Little Criminals’ (shortlisted for the Orange Prize), ‘The Girl Who Was Saturday Night’, ‘Daydreams of Angels’ and ‘The Lonely Hearts Hotel’. Her essays have been published widely in, among others, The New York Times Magazine, The Guardian, and The Globe and Mail.

Attend the ‘Literary dinner’:

Times Litfest
Shabana Azmi

The literary dinners allow for audiences to interact with the writers in a more intimate setting and understand their work in depth. Get to know Shabana Azmi, while she takes you through her journey as an author, celebrity and all the more a prolific actor, over a delicious sit down meal with you.

Readings and signed copies:

Here, the authors read for you. These readings don’t only drive you into a different world, but they make sure that the experience stays with you for quite a while. Also, only a true book lover can understand the connection he sets in with the author of a book he claims to love and to be able get your copies of the books signed are some of the spectacular experiences offered at this festival. The authors will be signing off all the copies that you buy from the fest.

Get to know more about new publishing ventures:

Ravinder Singh’s publishing venture called Black Ink (www.BlacklnkBooks.in) visions to publish debut authors. Go catch him at the Times Litfest ‘19!

Pitch your idea:

Authors, both established and new, participate in these festivals to publicize their books. If you are a serious aspiring author, it is the right place for you to get an idea of the pitching process. You will also get an idea about what publishers are looking for in a book. Filter out and attend the sessions with the authors who belong to your domain.

A place of inspiration:

As speakers share stories of their lives, and how they made it to being influential persons in their field of literature, they motivate young listeners into following their dreams. The fest is an elite space for artists and enthusiasts to celebrate all that adds essence to their lives.

Live music and poetry sessions:

Performances include a music and poetry session by author-historian William Dalrymple, musician Vidya Shah along with live music concerts by Sonam Kalra’s Sufi Gospel Project, and singer composer Clinton Cerejo. If you are a music person, it is a must visit event for you.

Meet like-minded people:

Literature is one of the biggest binding forces in this world. It transcends the barriers of age, gender and geography. Our choices of books are also based on suggestions from like-minded people. The festival provides an ideal platform for the budding new writers who lap up the opportunity to not only promote their work but also to connect with the like minded people.

Get to know about the latest releases:

Times Litfest

For Advertisers:You will get to hear Prasoon Joshi, an acclaimed advertising professional and National Award-winning film script and songwriter at this event.

For your kids:Roopa Pai is one of India’s best-known children’s writers. Her books on themes as varied as sci-fi fantasy, popular science, mathematics, history, economics, life skills and philosophy, are enjoyed by adults as much as they are by children. Pai’s new book, The Vedas and Upanishads for Children, has just been released.

About the Author: Sakshi Kumari is a visual thinker passionate about how design can change people’s perception about the world. Her love for learning keeps her motivated. She is ambitious, compassionate and an optimist; and calls herself workaholic. Apart from the above, she keeps a keen interest in reading. Even when in her spare time, you’ll find her immersed in books in the library, sometimes hunting down the streets with her camera or simply walking around with her earphones on. She dreams to change the world with design. For her – “A little productive work a day, keeps frustration away”.

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