A glimpse of our homestay: The Goat Village

A ten cottage homestay sits calmly in the hills of Garhwal, Uttarakhand. The kitchen staff prepares a simple and authentic meal with ingredients that are locally produced in the farmlands around. Often you will hear the bells of the grazing goats and cows, while you sit by the huge windows of your room that open up to an infinite view of the Himalayan mountains. There is no electricity to charge your gadgets so you can happily bid a goodbye to technology. A solar lamp will come your way in the night, while the mornings are an early start with the first ray of bright sunshine. This is a typical day in THE GOAT VILLAGE.

If you have been searching for an offbeat getaway in the mountains – imagine living a peaceful farm life surrounded by the picturesque mountains, well cultivated step farms growing fresh fruits and veggies, and the eco-friendly yet luxurious mud-timber cottages to live in. Expect living with locals, get a warm service that reminds you of home, and still travel for a cause – uplifting the agricultural produce and livelihood of the local farmers of Garhwal.

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