How to pick the PERFECT PAIR OF GLASSES for your next vacation?


Whether you are road tripping or intending to take a beach vacation, your sunglasses and prescription glasses will be at the top of your packing list. With a vast variety to choose from, finding the perfect pair can be a challenge. We have come up with ways to find the ultimate pair that won’t cast shade on your style and most importantly, will offer full protection from the harsh UV rays while you are out holidaying.

Select your frame and style

Try a frame that contrasts with your face shape. For example, if you have a square shaped face then try some round glasses to soften your features. There are a number of online guides to help you pair up the right frame with your face shape.


  • Heart-shaped: Frames that are wider at the top rather than the bottom, such as retro square, cat eye and sport.
  • Round: Oversized, rectangular and angular frames like retro-square and cat-eye.
  • Oval: Don’t go too big or too small. Try aviator style or over-sized frames.
  • Square: Soften features with soft lines or rimless edges, round, aviator or shield styles.

Lens color

It doesn’t matter if you are trekking down the Grand Canyon on a horse or teeing off on the golf course: lens color matters. It will affect how much visible light reaches your eye and how well you discern colors and contrasts.


  • Brown/Grey/Green: Ideal for outdoor activities and everyday use. These colors reduce glare and light intensity. Brown lenses are great for snow sports as they partially block out some blue light.
  • Amber/Yellow/Gold/Violet: Perfect for winter sport vacations as they enhance the color contrast, block out blue light, and improve depth perception and visibility of objects.
  • Blue/Green: For sports like tennis and golf where judging distance is very important.

Common problems with glasses

  • While sunglasses easily secure a place in your travel bag, prescription glasses can feel like an unwanted tag-along.
  • There are a number of issues that individuals can encounter if wearing prescription glasses when traveling; fogging caused by a change in humidity or rainfall in warm climates being the main two. Both of these problems can be overcome by opting for corrective laser eye surgery.

Alternative to glasses

  • While exploring the world on your travels, you may wish to ditch the glasses in favor of contact lenses or laser eye surgery. Contact lens options include those that can be used for up to a month, or you can instead opt for daily contacts.
  • Increasingly, individuals are choosing laser eye surgery to correct eyesight problems. Laser eye surgery uses high-precision lasers to correct vision using a non-intrusive and low-risk procedure. If laser eye surgery is for you, there are a number of ways you can have eye exams. Denver, Colorado and other places across the country has technicians skilled in this.

Whatever your travel preferences, discovering the ideal glasses for your style can be a fun challenge. Remember to keep your eyes healthy with regular eye hygiene, a diet rich in vitamin A and have regular eyesight check-ups.

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