10 Fashion Blogs by Clothing Stores: You can’t miss!

These days, everyone has a blog. The thing is, not all blogs are created equal. In the past, it used to be that only individuals had blogs. You could find personal fashion blogs, car blogs, food blogs – you name it.

Now, brands have caught on to blogging, especially clothing store brands. They know their customers don’t want to just shop, they want to live and breathe fashion. Blogs can help brands guide customers to shopping better or making sure they keep up-to-date on the latest seasonal trends.

In a world where content is scattered everywhere in abundance, these companies give us quality free resources to read every week. They’re like magazines that you don’t have to buy and have instant access to. Who could ask for more? Here is a list of the top 10 best clothing store blogs available online right now:


Always morphing with the times, Urban Outfitters is considered a brand on the crest of the wave in fashion. UO gives viewers the low-down on products, what gifts to buy for that special someone, and a lot more in lifestyle through their regularly updated blog. streettrotter-fashion-blogs-list

Having their own blog gives UO an opportunity to share how to use their products and dive deep into the lives of different artists and designers. If you’re signed up as an Urban Outfitters rewards member, browsing the blog can earn you points (if you’re logged into your account) and you’ll end up with a free $5 promo code! This article is a great resource for finding more tips on finding Urban Outfitters promo codes. 

UO has also been involved in the music scene for years, featuring bands on their t-shirts, playlists, as well as sponsored shows. Every Monday, UO offers a playlist of hot new music to play for the week. These are often bands that have only a small following, so it gives the musicians an opportunity to reach new fans and it gives listeners a chance to discover brand new music.


This next blog is all about how to wear Superdry clothing. The blog reads like a catalogue, but with helpful tips on how to style the pieces together. The layout is similar to UO’s, but with the gritty Superdry feel. Superdry also features upcoming musical artists, offering advice on how to “steal” their look.


Not only will Superdry’s blog share with you what items to buy in order to directly replicate the artist’s style, they offer instructions on how to get that distressed Superdry look: Pretty useful stuff for the reader that wants details.

Tommy Hilfiger

Who knew Tommy Hilfiger would make such a huge comeback? Tommy Hilfiger is hot with people of all ages and you can stay in the loop with all their latest selections of sweaters, jeans, and more in their signature blue, white, and red. The blog which is called “Tommy Blog” features fashion articles, interviews, and even wellness tips. Read up on the Tommy Hilfiger blog for interesting articles that are always accompanied by cozy, dreamy photos. Tommy Hilfiger has proven their stay as a true American classic.



Coyly named Unzipped,” Levi’s has a blog that is not based solely on fashion. Levi’s has been involved in climate change, rights for the LGTBQ community, and other issues and topics for years.


Since 1873, Levi’s has been a major retailer for sturdy, high quality denim. Since then, it has evolved into a major participant in political issues on a global scale. This isn’t to say there won’t be fashion articles. Recently, they featured a story on the oldest pair of women’s Levi’s jeans dating back to the 1930’s!


Madewell has list articles, interviews, and advice on what to do with your weekend on their blog. They call it “Madewell Musings” and is women-centric since it’s a women’s only clothing store. Similar to other clothing store blogs, Madewell talks about music as well. Madewell is known for their “effortlessly cool” look, so any advice on outfit tips are worth reading.



Ok, let’s get a little fancy. There’s nothing more chic than a positively splendid outfit from J.Crew. Luckily, we can learn to be as chic as their catalogue shows if we read up on their blog. J.Crew offers timeless advice like pocket square folding (something every man should know, no?). Their blog is full of tips and “hacks,” so you can get a look as put-together as the mannequins.



Another fancier brand would definitely be MyTheresa. They sell mainly designer items (but still offer promo codes sometimes!) and cater to a higher-end audience. Under a different name than “blog,” Mytheresa offers fashion “stories” that feature designers, celebrities, and other trending topics.


The layout is like a vintage magazine with gorgeous photos and quotes from each featured fashionista. The story section of Mytheresa doesn’t update as much as other blogs, but they’re definitely worth a lovely Sunday read.


Ah, the boat shoes! Love them or hate them, they’re a staple in American outerwear. Of course, Sperry doesn’t just make those preppy boat shoes. They also make a ton of other types of shoe and their blog will tell you how to style them. They stick with their sea-loving brand while posting articles on how to wear certain styles as well as info on hot new items.



H&M is a major retailer in basics with a kick. Selling business casual items along with cocktail favorites, H&M is a go-to for many.


The brand is a leader in looking like you paid a lot for an outfit when you really didn’t. Their affordable prices keep customers coming back every season. If that isn’t enough, there are even ways to find specific H&M coupons online to make those items even cheaper. Self-described as a magazine, H&M’s blog features how-to’s involving their newest items.

American Eagle

Last but not least on our list is American Eagle. This blog leans into the brand’s light and preppy side. With photos that are playful and bright, American Eagle gives you the scoop on what to wear with what and even offers DIY project instructions.




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