Dear NIFTIANS, 10 things I want to tell you before I leave.

Dear Stalkers. When I came back to NIFT, I hardly knew I will fall in love with you all so hard, and bidding goodbye will feel like a real heartbreak. But like I always say, when I look back at my career as your teacher, I feel my role in your life was not only to teach you a subject, but also to make sure you become good human beings who can love deeply and reason logically. So if you are reading this – these are the ten things, I want to tell you before I leave – because no one ever will tell you this later.

#1 – Life doesn’t have to be so difficult.

Trust me – life does not have to be so difficult. Because by the time you will reach your thirties – you never know what curveball life will throw at you, and sometimes you will have to grow up in a day. Your parents will get older, and money from pocket money will become a matter of survival. Your business plans that you made in college will start giving you sleepless nights, and every small loss will feel like a big one. So take a hug from me right now, wipe your tears and your fears and go out – play as much as you want. Be naughty. Imagine crazy stuff and spend all your resources in making “happy things”. Paint yellow skies, and purple trees for all I care. Enjoy your wild spirit.

#2 – Always dream. They do come true.

YES – dreams do come true. In crazy ways, and mostly when you least expect it. When I was in college I wanted to teach in NIFT someday – and it happened like I owned it. So, apply the law of attraction to everything you want in your life. Let it stay there somewhere in the universe and let it manifest. Be honest of what you dream and want it enough to make it happen. Dreams really do come true. OWN THEM.

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When we were in college we often used to joke that we will make it one day. Less did we know of our firm belief in it. Since then we have had our roller coaster rides towards our journeys and on days like these we self-proclaim ourselves as NIFT stars 🌟🌟 and feel happy about it. And While we know we haven’t arrived just yet – we find it special that we are still on it – and we still believe in our dreams. ❤️ – This is what being proud alumni’s look like when you visit back your alma mater. Cheers to a decade of passing out and having dreams – and still looking the same together! 💫 • • #nift #niftdelhi #niftians #designers #forlife #passionforfashion #fashiondesign #swag #entrepreneurlife #professorlife #delhigram #delhidiaries #backtowork #seniorlove #decade #niftianforlife #legacy #streettrotter #blackandwhite #indianfashion #fashiondesign #photobystreettrotter #growingup #nextgen #tribe #tribebystreettrotter #mytribe #niftfddelhi #niftdelhi #white #friendshipgoals #lifegoals

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#3 – Play as much as you want.

A lot about our active body shapes our personality. Our active energies attract people and success towards us. So go out and play as much as you want. Be outdoors and sweat alot – it helps your skin glow, blood flow and muscles flex. It helps you to be “present”. And it opens and aligns your body chakras. Make playmates – outside your box of work and profession. Meet people over a sporty match and ask them about what drives their passion. Socialize. Run. Jump. Stretch. Appreciate your body, and keep it active.

#4 – Don’t let anyone ever tell you – you are not good enough.

We all our good in something. Anything. And trust me, there is no set rule to find out what you are good at and when. It might come to you when you are 5, or it might not hit you until you are 50. So try your best to do everything you have in hand and give it an honest shot. You don’t have to be good at it if you are not. But don’t let anyone ever tell you – you are not good enough. Because it is okay if you are not. You will find your calling one day – we all do. Let it come to you.

#5 – Give yourself a fair chance.  

Society is brutal. It will always tell you what to do and what not to. What rules to follow and what rules you cannot break. It will define your path even before you realize it. And that’s okay. That’s how it works. BUT. Give yourself an honest shot at everything that scares you. Break the monotony of your careers when you are 40 years old and randomly sky dive – even if you fear heights. Quit your job if you have to. Go live in a new country and deal with a language you do not know. Try a new sport, or learn a new dance form. Change your professional profile dramatically someday – take a sabbatical. Try an industry you do not have any experience of, if you think you have the knack for it. Try new things in life – give yourself a fair chance at everything.

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What it feels like to be standing at the “highest post office in the world” and be a writer and an old-school for writing postcards? ❤️ • • While in Spiti valley – I visited a small village called “Hikkim” – home to the highest post office in the world 🌍. To remind you – Spiti has no internet, WiFi or a phone connection for most of its part. I know I have been writing postcards to many from my travels – but this time I had no addresses and no way to communicate with all of you. So what did I do instead? – I wrote a post card to my parents, and one to myself – and sharing it with you all to read here.👇🏻 • • “Dear Shraddha, ✍🏻 Spiti is a mighty magical place, that makes you feel very small and insignificant in front of all the largeness of Mother Nature it holds. I wish you more travels like these, and hope all this beautiful untouched world is preserved and loved by all humankind. Some places change, but some places – change YOU.” 🙏 • • #spiti #spitivalley #spitivalleydiaries #lahaulspiti #lahaul #hikkim #postoffice #tibentan #landscape #komic #komicvillage #mightymountains #mountainbaby #mountainsarecalling #ontheroad #backpacking #offroad #spitilife #lifeinthemountains #slowlife #slowliving #streettrotter #photobystreettrotter #postcard #writemoreletters #sendmoremail #handwritten #postcardsfromtheworld

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#6 – Learn from people who inspire you.

 We all have to find people who inspire us. Who push us and make us believe in our dreams. Look for that inspiration in a friend, in a colleague or a random stranger you bumped into the other day. People of different age groups can surprise you with their passion and what they want to achieve in their lives. Learn from everyone you meet. Ask them who is their inspiration and take in as much as you can from their aspiring energies. Spend time with people who teach you new things and talk about stuff you do not know. Learn from people with an open mind and trust me your heart will do the rest.niftians-streettrotter

#7 – Allow yourself to make mistakes.

Make mistakes. Cry them out. Be a mess if you have to and throw tantrums at people you know will always have your back. Eat chocolates and hog on food to make yourself feel better. But wake up the next day and still show up. There is no shame in failing, or making a mistake you cannot fix. Society will always demand perfection – but you have the power to deny it. Be proud of your scars and your journey. Our mistakes are our scars which make us human and different from one another.  Learn from everything you experience. Own your mistakes.niftians-streettrotter

Love unconditionally.

 The difference between a rock and a human is not only about what is living or not – but also the way we love and how much can we love. Don’t bind yourself in rules and reasons, and love unconditionally. Don’t ask for things in return and don’t expect to be loved in the same way as well. Love has its own ways to come running to you – but it hardly comes when you want it the most. So wait for it but do your bit. Love a friend, a dog, a lover, your parents or a family member – all in the same way. Don’t feel hurt if you don’t receive it back. Love is the only thing that makes us human. Makes us alive and sensitive enough to feel things. LOVE AS WELL AS YOU CAN.

Demand respect.

Respect is ageless. It does follow a hierarchy or requires a designation. RESPECT is EQUAL. So demand it from everyone you meet, and give it back with true honesty. Forget the insults you get – let them go. A friend of mine once told me – “people will make you fall to their level first, and then beat you at it”. I know it now that he was right. So don’t give other people the satisfaction of a fight. Count till 10 and hold your anger – use it wisely later. But fight your battle hard when people take your respect for granted. Demand respect from everyone you meet – be it an elder or a youngster. Always hold your head high. Give respect to get it back.

But be kind to one another. We need it.

We are a generation of heartbreaks. Heart attack rates in our age groups is the highest in decades, and we fall in depression with a swing of our finger. We are also the age of anxiety and “moving on” swiftly as per our wish. We have forgotten how to love deeply – simply because we are also a generation of endless options. So in a world so brutal, we all need to be kind to each other. We have to look after each other. So give each other free hugs and free kisses. Spread love to people for no rhyme or reason and smile at everyone you see. Be kind to the planet. We all need it.




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  1. You made my day. It’s a great read. Just had one accident two days ago (I am perfectly fine) and everybody is now teaching me the basics of road trips, even many of them don’t do trips like me..This article gave much needed positive vibes.

  2. Fandy Alina says:

    Wow, what a great article! Thank you for reminding us of the excitement of getting out of our comfort zones and showing us such a different place. I’ve really enjoyed reading it throughout. Thanks

  3. Thankyou for this wonderful article ma’am! Wish we had more time to know you even more!❤❤ Feels like know you forever!❤ Thankyou for all the advices and this article is pure love!💗🌻
    #willmissu #Allthebestforurnextventure🌞

  4. Dev says:

    Wow wow wow i am very very happy after read all your lines .this is like a my heart feeling .ok’. actually am a solo traveller am just random search of google so i see some motivation quots and 1 by streetrrotter.i am happy after this .and I am book reader.

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