The Three Jewels of MONACO: Why this Tiny Country has a Big Place on our 2017 Bucket List


For many with that great instinct we call wanderlust – the setting for our next adventure plays often upon the mind. If you’ve never considered it before, these three jewels of Monaco are sure to put this stunning principality on your list, so sit back and enjoy the read.

The Prince’s Palace of Monaco – a wealth of stories and beauty

With nearly one thousand years of history to tell, this impressive feat of architecture pulls crowds throughout the year. Visitors arriving at the palace may observe the daily changing of the guard to the historic tones of the bugle and the militaristic beat of drums. Though now more ceremony than practicality, this sight is stirringly evocative of the palace’s original construction as a fortress in 1191.

Le Salon Bleu du Palais Princier . Sélection de photographie pour le site internet Palais.mc

The German emperor Henry IV gifted the harbor on which the palace is now built to the Republic of Genoa with the proviso that they fortify it against the incursions of piracy – which at that time was stark reality – and thus the princely palace came to be. This tale of origin is somewhat at odds with the interior’s lustrous Renaissance features. But it is this discrepancy which affords much of the building’s charm: a blend of great beauty, fraught beginnings, and architectural endeavor on par with that of the finest in Europe – if not the entire world.

The Casino De Monte Carlo – a high-stakes ride through the ages  

Adding to the old-world frisson of this vivacious city, Monaco’s Casino De Monte Carlo offers the thrilling experience of putting one’s fate in the hands of the goddess of luck against a stunning backdrop of the Riviera. There is something here which goes above and beyond the glitz of Vegas: a thrill of antiquity which allows the player to imagine they are betting bullion with dukes and kings from around the world. The casino is such a part of European cultural tradition in fact, that many of the online casino games of today channel  Monte De Carlo’s aesthetic in creating the authentic feel of historic risk-taking.


Just so, the glamorous locations of James Bond also include the casino prominently in the film Golden eye. The charm of the real thing has to be seen to be believed, but for those looking to get a taste of casino action to prepare them for their Casino De Monte Carlo visit, leading online casino brands such as mFortune offer no deposit casino policies and free spins, whetting your appetite and helping you get more familiar with casino games.

The Brassiere at the Cafe De Paris – truly fine dining

The thrills of history and high-rolling success are sure to work up an appetite, and for this need, the Brasserie in the Cafe De Paris – located a short jaunt from the casinos in Monte De Carlo – is sure to slate whatever thirst or hunger one can imagine. One is instantly immersed in the decadent Parisian atmosphere: with Belle Époque style fixtures and terrace, and food prepared by the masterful chef Jean-Claude. In season, the seafood of the Cafe De Paris is to die for, making an experience rife with succulence, opulence, and rich cultural heritage.


Like sky-diving or learning a language, a visit to Monaco is one of life’s pleasures that everyone should at least consider. Not only is one bowled over by the sheer bombast of the place’s gorgeous landscapes and buildings, but the feeling of a connection to antiquity is unmistakable. 



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