'Fifty Shades of FOREPLAY' Fashion : Fall 2015

A recent article on The New Yorker, critically reviewed the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ movie as FIFTY SHADES OF FOREPLAY. And this is where I harmlessly picked up the heading for this runway article. Looking back at the release of the book in 2011 – along with its rage, came out the endless fashion collections that were all inspired by the private BDSM acts and the idea of the good girl gone raunchy. ‘Underwear as Outerwear’ hailed its victory in womenswear fashion, and in following we welcomed the bralets and the sheer dresses displaying the seductive lingerie underneath. Yet again in 2015, concurrent to the release of the movie are the runways to Fall 2015 RTW – a lot more inviting and full of foreplay.

FALL 2015 RTW: Sibling & Holly Fulton

Although advocating a little less nudity this time around (than in 2011), the seductive nature of the catwalks have seemed to have remained constant. This made me wonder – what is about this blatantly ‘sheer’ kind of fashion, that is making it stay? Till a few years back, fashion was all about white or black – a collection was either too modest (to equate it as classy) or too bold (to equate it as a statement). But today’s fashion is undeniably a lot more grey. For Fall 2015, women are walking in skillfully constructed classy gowns/dresses, but they are sheer, and evidently without lining under. Looks are styled with heavy outerwear, thrown on top of the bareness beneath. Even the most highly embellished coverall patterns are bowing down to the end result of peek-a-boo.  And still, each of these collections are walking down the ramp with such confidence – as if the whole idea of modesty is redefining itself.

FALL 2015 RTW: J. Mendel & Naeem Khan

In evaluation, women undoubtedly are more confident about their bodies today, and embrace the way they look, both on the inside and outside. They don’t fear displaying a bit of what’s ‘under’, simply because they have learned how to maintain and tone it. This thus brings into consideration the healthy lifestyles, the yoga practices and well-being routines we are thriving to undertake today. Having a direct effect on fashion, is it this change in culture and lifestyle which is also changing the way the clothes are made and perceived today? In my opinion, certainly – Yes. Its making us fearless about how we appear in public, simply because we are working hard towards achieving a fearless living. Its crafting a whole new army of women who are lion-hearted about their appearance and the clothes they wear. Gallant about what and how much they bare – all in good spirit and acceptance.

And even though it will be long till we will actually see this trend trickle down to the everyday streets, for now we are sure to look at this one as an inspiring one – in its own respectfully seductive ways! 

FALL 2015 RTW: Marc Jacobs

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  1. maverickbird says:

    I think you are spot on about women being more confident about their bodies today. I am personally enthralled by this trend and have always adored the tantalizing “Reveal and Conceal” concept. There’s nothing more sensuous and beautiful than a woman who is confident about her body to flaunt it happily, yet with some enticing modesty. Loved this post.

    1. Thanks girl! I am equally in love with the concept, and have been tabbing it closely in the markets too. I am amazed at how women have got comfortable with the idea of crop tops, which were at once too revealing. I think the runways are inspiring a lot of casual wear trends on the same lines, which are revealing yet concealing / aesthetic.

  2. 2lostinthewoods says:

    I’m ok with others following the reveal etc trend…but personally. ..There’s more fun in just a little mystery.

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