“So how do I pack these gifts without fancy paper, ribbons and cards?” – Was my first thought when I was recently travelling, and got into almost a fix when I had to pack four similar gifts for my four friends, I was about to meet the next day on yet another trip! The thought of not packing them at all did occur my mind, but because that is not my personal style of gifting people, I walked around to see if I could manage a stationary shop, only to – not find one! As I deeply believe that a brilliantly wrapped gift leaves a more ever lasting impact than actually the surprise inside, with my lack of fancy equipment, I decided to do it in a more out of the box, fun style with just the things lying around me!

Grabbing some brown papers bags from my latest shopping, a bunch of postcards I collected while I was on the go, a marker, a pen, basic tapes and some colorful post-it’s my job was done – absolutely perfectly! STEP #4

STEP #1 – Grab some brown paper bags from some grocery shop, a medicine or a book shop, or you might find some easily stored around you. Brown bags are the easiest substitute to a fancy wrapping paper, readily available almost everywhere and believe it or not – can add more character to your packaged gift. Try to use the least crinkled ones of the lot! DIY - STREETTROTTER 8

STEP #2 – Cut the paper bags open with a scissor into perfect squares or rectangles, depending upon the size of your gift. DIY - STREETTROTTER - 5

STEP #3 – To take out the wrinkles from your paper, iron it! Yes I mean iron it! A less known fact is that an iron can burn fabric, but its not easy for it to burn paper. Make sure you put the settings of the iron on ‘synthetic / polyester’. Iron it till the wrinkles are relatively out. Even if they don’t go out completely, the paper would still look nice, trust me!

STEP #4 – Wrap your gift / box with the ironed brown paper. DIY - STREETTROTTER - 2

STEP #5 – Once the gift is packed, you need to enhance it with something creative. In case you don’t have ribbons, try using some brown jute thread or any other substitute to make your perfect bow. In this case, I used some postcards I collected along the way, and chose the best ones out of my collection to cover my wrapping.

(In case you do not have postcards, you can also cut out some shapes, pictures out of old magazines, newspapers and brochures around you, anything that looks visually appealing and is in your reach.)


STEP #6 – Stick the postcard on the top of your gift using a scotch tape. DIY - STREETTROTTER 7

STEP #7 – The back side of your wrapper might look a little raw and undone depending upon what tape you put. In that case, use a black marker pen to write on top of the tape, making it distract-fuly creative! The effect turns out to be a lot more personal for close friends, and covers up the undone taped look. DIY - STREETTROTTER - 6

STEP #8 – Grab colored post-its and cut them up into the size of your choice. You can quickly scribble a personal message on them, and make your gift a lot more thoughtful and special. DIY - STREETTROTTER - 3DONE! – You are ready to go, with a wonderful gift wrap!!


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  1. Maria says:

    quite creative!!! you ironed the wrinkles away!! I am amazed… not bad… I think this is fun and more personalised(:

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