10 Essential TRAVEL WORDS for 2014…!!!

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Do you believe that you are a true Traveler? Well, if you already are or you are planning onto becoming one – here is a list of 10 essential travel words you need to know for 2014, to update your travel dictionary. While most people read these words and memorize them, my genuine advice to all of you reading this post would be to live and experience each word, so that not only they become a part of your day to day diction but also your real life and journals..!!!

homestay -streettrotter

fernweh - streettrotter

vagabond - streettrotterodyssey - streettrotter ecotourism - streettrotter

wanderlust - streettrotter

couchsurf- streettrotter

vountourism - streettrotter

wayfarer - streettrotter A post from the heart of a…
streettrotter - streettrotter


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