Conscious Living: 4 easy ways to Animal Welfare

We are a planet of animal lovers, and everyone has their favorite one. And while we work hard to give to animal charities, support the conservation of wildlife and protest against illegal acts like fox hunting do you ever wish there was more you could do to help animals?

The veganism movement is getting bigger and bigger, and knowing vegans myself I know that they put animal welfare and animal rights high on their list of priorities. The idea of turning vegan might intrigue you, perhaps it’s something you’d like to try but you’re unsure of where to begin. Or maybe you find the whole idea strange. Whatever your stance on the subject, we have put together a list of ways you can be kinder to animals today – ideal if you are hesitant about making the commitment to turn vegan, or if you just want to make a difference. No pressure.

Try leather alternatives: Switch to “Vegan Leather”

If you like to follow what your favorite celebs are wearing can’t wait for the Met Gala – the dresses are amazing then you might have noticed more and more of them are turning away from leather and using alternatives. But what is the alternative? Well, the fact is, there are many, and most are extremely affordable. Clubbed under the new category of “Vegan Leather” – Bags, belts, wallets, purses, jackets and even boots and shoes can be made out of many different things, cork, ocean plastic, even plants and organic bio oils and these materials are just as durable and long lasting as cow hide. So, next time you’re looking for a new bag or pair of boots, check out a leather free version first. The choice will surprise you. But more consciously. 

Pick up litter: It’s that easy. 

Waste, rubbish and single use plastic is seemingly everywhere. So if you’re out and about and you see some rubbish on the ground (awful, we know) pick it up and dispose of it properly. Birds and wild animals can become entangled in rubbish or choke on micro-plastics, mistaking them for food. Even an unsuspecting dog on a walk could end up eating a bottle cap and making itself ill. So do your bit if you can.animal-welfare-streettrotter

Try almond or soy in your morning coffee or tea

Did you know that – the biggest analysis to date reveals huge footprint of livestock – it provides just 18% of calories but takes up 83% of farmland. According to a new study, avoiding meat and dairy products is the single biggest way to reduce your environmental impact on the planet. The new research shows that without meat and dairy consumption, global farmland use could be reduced by more than 75% – an area equivalent to the US, China, European Union and Australia combined – and still feed the world.

We all love a caffeine fix in the morning, so why not shake things up a bit and add something different? There are lots of milk alternatives out there, soy, oat, almond, coconut, rice, cashew, hemp and more. All with their individual flavors and are usually available sweetened or unsweetened.animal-welfare-streettrotterOat milk is great in coffee – and a coconut latte is to die for – tea drinkers might just prefer soy milk as it tends to have a similar consistency to cows milk. Give it a try, you might find a new favorite!

Choose general products that are vegan and cruelty free

By this we mean makeup, household cleaning products, bath and shower products, cage free eggs and more. It’s a great feeling knowing you’ve made an informed decision. And vegan products are just as tough at cleaning stains, giving your flawless coverage and giving your bath plenty of bubbles.

Try something organic: Nuluv Puracy Natural Liquid Dish Soap Toxin and Paraben-free Baby Safe Bottle Cleaner, 473 ml

Participate in “Animal Voluntourism”

We all have a hidden animal lover inside us. And what better than traveling around the globe while helping wildlife and the rehabilitation of endangered species worldwide. There are thousands of animal volunteering programs for travelers in different countries – ranging from – protecting sea turtles on the beaches of Central America and Indonesia, Elephants in Srilanka to the rehabilitation and research of the Big 5 (Lion, Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo and Leopard ) in Africa.

Opportunities vary from programs that focus on the safeguarding and protection of animals that are under severe threat due to the illegal wildlife trade, poaching, pollution or habitat destruction; working with animals at wildlife sanctuaries or rehabilitation centers; or conduct important research through data collection and surveying or even helping to educate indigenous communities about animal rights. animal-welfare-streettrotter


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