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‘Not every drive is a boring one’ – and the true essence of this phrase can only be realized by people who love hitting the road. One such unforgettable drive, comes right out from the lens of AVIK KAPOOR…

I still remember that beautiful morning of Melbourne in the Spring of 2011 (Autumn for us in the Northern Hemisphere). We set ourselves up for a road trip to this Scenic place called The Great Ocean Road.

Be it some Romantic Getaways or beautiful beaches, surfing, cycling or other adventure activities, from some world class food to Theatre, Music, and Art or just a day away with the family – The Place has got something to offer for people of all age groups and all walks of life.

The journey spans from Torquay along the Surf Coast to Apollo Bay, then inland through the forested Otway region to emerge on the wild and well named Shipwreck Coast and Twelve Apostles and offers some really breath-taking views all along the way!

Welcome to The Great Ocean Road.


The Great Ocean Road is truly breathtaking, where nature is at its dramatic best. There are amazing things to discover around every twist and turn the road takes.  The view of the ocean on one side, fresh air all around and Iconic landscapes add a sense of grandness and freedom.

We were thrilled by the quality of the food. Each new town along the way will offer you something unique! There is an amazing collection of Country wine, fine dining Restaurants; fabulous flora, fauna, and fantastic fun along the way. Virtually every meal has an ocean view, every stretch of the legs is a breath of fresh sea air.

Here’s a list of Things to do!


The highlight of the entire road trip was reaching this beautiful place called The Twelve Apostles. Situated in the Port Campbell National Park, the massive limestone structures will leave you awestruck.


Formed some 20 million years ago, these were created by constant erosion of the limestone cliffs which first became caves. The caves further eroded to become arches and once those fell, they left behind these eye-catching chunks of rocks upto 45 meters high.

Becoming a sudden favorite of couples in the last decade, a famous story follows for the site, which was covered by world wide media when in January 1990 a nearby formation called London Bridge – a natural arch linking the mainland to offshore rock suddenly collapsed, leaving two tourists stranded on the far one, rescued by a helicopter.



Several kilometres past the Twelve Apostles was another beautiful formation known as Loch Ard Gorge!


Having a tragic history of its own, The Loch Ard is arguably Victoria’s best known shipwreckand a  significant part of Victoria’s Underwater Shipwreck Discovery Trail, with a story that revolves around this ship, which sailed between 1873 and 1878. The shipwreck of the Loch Ard still lies near Mutton Bird Island and till date tourists love to relive the tale of the final voyage of the Loch Ard.



What better place to learn to surf than in the birthplace of Australian surfing? There are several licensed tour operators and qualified instructors who run learn to surf classes on beaches close to Torquay. If you are a surfer and not carrying your equipment along, You can get that on hire.


The coastal bushland between Lorne and Apollo Bay is home to a large population of koalas. A short drive up Grey River Road was rewarded with a sighting and, as soon as we spotted one, we became expert spotters! It was a great time enjoying spotting the Koalas in their natural habitat and also being amongst the friendly birds.

kuala - the great ocean road streettrotter




Nature puts on an exhilarating show at every turn on the Great Ocean Road.  With sparkling ocean one side and towering rainforest on the other, it is a truly breathtaking journey. While driving through the rainforest you can feel the cool, clean air in every breath.



That was undoubtedly one of the best Drives ever!


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