5 Tips to Pack Light: #HandLuggageTips

Cheryl Strayed, the author of the novel/movie Wild, said,I was amazed that what I needed to survive could be carried on my back. And, most surprising of all, that I could carry it.’  

Luggage is an important part of travel. While some travelers have seemed to master the art of packing light, many are still struggling to accommodate everything on their wish list in the given baggage allowance. Long distances or short – we often fail to make up our mind on what is really needed, and what is just an insignificant add-on. As a rule, the less you take with you the better.

While on a flight, traveling with a simple hand luggage is much easier and cheaper than taking a large suitcase with you that has to go in the hold. Giving up on the checked-baggage also means less waiting around at the airport, and no chance that your backpack or case will be mislaid. For most frequent travelers – traveling light has become their second nature. However, for anyone who has never travelled this way before the idea of doing so fills them with dread. But a few of these basic tips can get you started on a lifetime habit of packing light: 

#1 – Get Organized

The first tip is to make a list. Doing this ensures that you do no leave anything crucial behind. Many people find the best way to do this is to think about what you are going to do during your holiday and use that as the basis for your list. The best approach is to write down what you will need for each activity. There will be crossovers, for example, if you pack the right beach dress you will be able to wear it for sightseeing or for an evening meal as well.

#2 – Pack clothes that match

Making sure that you pack clothes that are versatile and can easily be paired with other items to make up several individual outfits. The more color coordinated your travel wardrobe is, the less you will need to take with you. For example – carry only neutrals or only pastels with neutrals that can be mix and matched with a pair of simple black or white shoes.

#3 – Pack versatile items of clothing

Another neat trick is to pack items of clothing that can be worn and used in different ways. For example, tankini tops look great on the beach and can easily be paired with a pair of jeans and be worn later in the day. As you can see here, a lot more swimwear designers are making swimming costumes that can double up as daywear.

#4 – Pack in advance

When you are packing light it is very important to pack well in advance, certainly the first time you do it. Packing hand luggage is a skill that takes a bit of practice, so you want to give yourself enough time to get it right. In addition, doing it in advance gives you the chance to change your booking and add some cabin luggage should you need to do so.

#5 – Fill the gaps

You need to learn to use every inch of the space that you have available. That means filling your shoes with little items like socks and underwear and learning the best way to thread your jogging bottoms around bigger items.

As you can see, packing light is not complicated. In no time, at all, it will become your second nature. So, next time you go away why not try just taking hand luggage?



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