9 reasons to honeymoon in The MALDIVES


Did you know that Maldives is a vanishing paradise? – According to various scientist predictions the rising sea levels of our planet could completely flood and wipe off the islands of Maldives that lie just five feet above the sea level into a lost Atlantis by the turn of this century. So why not experience this dreamy destination while it lasts?  

Maldives (also known as the Maldive Islands) is an exquisite series of 1,200 coral islands and sandbanks that are huddled in clusters. These clusters or atolls arise from the crowns of an ancient volcanic mountain range that is submerged. Without the throngs of tourists, the Maldives Islands are the dream honeymoon destination. You may lie on the white sands or take a dip in the azure water with your spouse and enjoy the flawless natural beauty of this region. Here are nine reasons that make Maldives an excellent honeymoon destination:

  1. Stunning sea life

You and your spouse can marvel at the giant white shark or the exotic coral. There are several coral reefs colored with rich marine life that make for a jaw-dropping sight. The Maldives are also one of the few destinations that let you snorkel alongside manta rays and whale sharks.Maldives-streettrotter

  1. Assortment of islands

Maldives honeymoon packages include exploring new islands every day during your stay. The 1,200 coral islands are famous for deep-sea fish, colorful reef fishes, and exotic coral reefs.

  1. Beaming beaches

While you’re on your Maldives holidays, you will notice one inescapable feature in particular—the shimmering beaches! They are the highlight of this captivating region. The exquisite beaches light the night with unusual glowing tides that rinse the shore. Enjoying this sight with your partner is an experience you will never forget.Maldives-streettrotter

  1. Serene getaways

You may opt for live-abroad cruises instead of staying at a resort. These ships will take you to deserted beaches and remote islands; thus, offering a more intimate Maldives holiday experience.

  1. The buzzing city of Male

Most Maldives tour packages include a trip to the capital island, Male. Some places here that are worth a visit include the National Museum, Esjehi Art Gallery, and Grand Friday Mosque.

  1. Tranquil dhoni rides

Sit back and admire the beauty of this region while cruising its waters with a ride on a dhoni. A dhoni is a coconut palm timber cruise boat. Snorkel and swim in the morning and follow it up with some bird-watching.

  1. Soothing couple spas

Couple spas may be available at several destinations across the world. However, treatments as luxurious as the ones in the Maldives are hard to find. Unwind with some traditional healing techniques that will leave you feeling revitalized.

  1. Breathtaking Vantage View

Some Maldives packages let you enjoy the elegance of the islands from above. Get a bird’s eye view of these exotic islands flying in a De Havilland Twin Otter seaplane. It is ideal for capturing a panoramic view of the shallow lagoons, spotting stingrays and manta in the crystal-clear waters, and sighting schools of dolphins passing by.


  1. Romance beneath the waters

You know you have picked from the right set of Maldives packages when you experience a romantic dinner at the Ithaa underwater aquarium restaurant. Make the night count by spending it gazing at the aquamarine waters that surround you.

Maldives tourism is focused around its gleaming beaches. You may choose from several high-end luxurious resorts that offer high-tech amenities to make your stay an opulently comfortable one. Give your spouse an indulgent holiday and pamper them on your honeymoon.


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