Dear girls, let NOT society decide if you CAN or CANNOT travel SOLO

Go Solo - streettrotter - Mexico

Before you judge this post from its title as just another feminist rant, let me start with a disclaimer: This post is not about me, it’s about you, solo travel and courage. It’s about a shift in society that more and more girls are making everyday – so, these are just my two cents of hope – for you girlfriend! 🙂 

I am off to Mexico solo – and I must say, the people who matter in my world have been hugely supportive. But was I loaded with raised eyebrows, taunts and lots of odd questions before booking this trip? – Hell, YES! Was everyone completely okay with it? – Hell, NO! Am I still doing it? – YES.

Well, let me tell you, I am neither privileged nor a rebel. I don’t have an inherited trust fund and I am using every bit of my savings for this trip. I do have a liberal family, but they are protective to the core. And my husband hyperventilated every inch of my trip planning! Honestly, I won’t be surprised if I’ll be feeling like I am on parole in Mexico – but I am fine with it. (You win some, you loose some, in the end – it’s all worth it!)

But the question is can YOU do it? – Well, if you want to – you should, you can and I hope you will! – You don’t have to fight for your right to travel solo as a girl – but you can make the people you love trust your decisions, believe in your hopes and all the chances you want to take in your life. If it’s a risk – evaluate – can you take it confidently? Then go ahead and do it.

Truth is, society is brutal and it will always tell you not to trust the world, and being a girl is not safe. It will tell you to hold back your unconventional dreams, and not to take steps that break tradition. But – as they say – “well behaved girls seldom make history!” 

Instead, in reality – the world is kind, people are nice, far away countries and cultures are equally welcoming and sometimes all the other races of people you meet – are way better than yours. And most of the times – you will be taken better care of as a woman traveling solo – than a man. 

And trust me you are not alone! There are thousands of solo women out there who are smart, confident, kind, and fierce. If they can do it, I can do too and you can do it too. These women are nothing short than being an inspiration or are any lesser than a man traveling solo. The one thing that solo women have and our society doesn’t – is courage. Courage to change, to accept and redefine its taboos. Courage that is changing our world bit my bit – one more girl each time. 

High time, you live a bit for your dreams and take a few steps that scare you and the people around you. Be yourself, and demand your freedom – because finding yourself on your solo trip is the best gift you will ever give to yourself.

But in the end – I do know that for some – its easier said than done – and if you are reading this – you might have your own doubts, situations that are holding you back or just another mind-block you want to share and let out. Please do drop me comments if you have questions on how can you travel solo or if there is something you want to talk about or ask! – I will make sure I write back to you!

Go Solo - streettrotter - Mexico

Till then girlfriend – Go and conquer the world. But most importantly – GO, CONQUER YOURSELF.