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Summer is upon us once again. For the carefree globetrotting woman, it’s time to start thinking of stylish and travel-worthy outfits that are also comfortable for hot summer days. What better way to get this than through a little bit of boho chic? This look brings out your whimsical style and allows you to stay cool while you explore the streets of your next travel destination. Not sure how to get the boho chic travel look? Here are a few ideas and tips to help you out:

Peasant top

Peasant top - BOHO - streettrotter
Source: The Fashion Tag

What’s more boho chic than a peasant top? For something that’s fun and earthy, opt for something with Romanian prints or embroidery. Otherwise, there are plenty more options such as florals and geometrics. If you’re looking for something that’s more versatile, you could get one in solid or neutral colors. Whites, creams, and blacks would be the best choice if you’re planning to wear the top a lot.

The peasant top is also the perfect way to channel this season’s hottest trend – off-shoulder. There’s a whole range of peasant tops with off-shoulder designs and in all sorts of colors and prints. You can pair the top with almost anything from jeans to trousers and from miniskirts to maxis. What’s more is that you can wear it again during the colder months to create a seventies flower child Halloween costume.

Printed maxi dress

Printed maxi dress - BOHO - streettrotter
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A lightweight maxi dress is a must-have for anyone who wishes to channel a bohemian vibe. For your travels, opt for something that just barely grazes your ankles. If it’s longer than this, it might constrict your movement. You can add layers depending on the weather, so make sure you carry along a lightweight pullover or cardigan to wear with the dress.

There are plenty of options when it comes to prints. Floral prints are among the most popular in maxi dresses. But if flowers aren’t really your thing, you can also find pieces in geometric prints or nautical stripes.

Hippie chic bag

Hippie chic bag - BOHO - streettrotter
Source: Merrick’s Art

You have plenty of options when it comes to boho-style handbags. From fringe cross-body bags to oversized hobo bags, the varieties are virtually endless. You can also find bags in fun geometric prints native to India. So if you want to take a little bit of home with you everywhere you go, these traditional print bags would be perfect for you.

Since you’ll be doing a lot of travelling, a cross-body or sling bag might be perfect. It leaves your hands free for your camera and shopping bags so everything will be more organized. If you can’t find one that’ll fit everything you want to keep, opt for an oversized hobo bag with fringe detailing. You also have the option of getting big tote bags with fun traditional prints that will pull together the rest of your outfit.

Comfy footwear

Comfy footwear - BOHO - streettrotter
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Now you’re going to need footwear that’ll look great with your outfit but is also comfortable to wear. Gladiator sandals are popular with the boho look, but they may be too constricting if you have to walk around a lot. Instead, look for slip-on leather sandals with cushioned heels if possible. Embellishments are optional but a minimal pair might work better with any outfit.

Ankle boots are also popularly worn with the bohemian style look. If you’re carrying a pair with you, make sure you go for one that doesn’t have high heels. Slouchy combat boots or Doc Martens would be perfect as you can trudge around in them even on the toughest terrains. Opt for solid and neutral colors that you can wear with any color or print.

If you’re up for mixing a bit of street into your boho outfit, why not try on a comfortable pair of white sneakers? These shoes are all the rage with fashion bloggers and top celebrities alike. Wearing white sneakers with your maxi dress or skirt will give you an edgy and laidback look. It’s perfect for travel wear as it’s versatile and comfortable.

Flared denims

Flared denims - BOHO - streettrotter
Source: Closetful of Clothes

Flattering and comfortable are the defining features of flared denims. So if you’re going for a bohemian look in your travels, these are a must-have item. They’re highly versatile, as you can wear them with anything from peasant blouses to tank tops. Find one in a darker color because there are chances of getting dust and stains on your jeans when you’re traveling. If it’s a light-colored pair, those stains are going to be clearly visible. On days when you wear flared denims with a tank top, throw on a crochet vest over it to stay true to the boho vibe.

So here are some of the top wardrobe essentials you’re going to need for a boho travel look. You won’t have to compromise your style for comfort or vice versa. Play around with these items and go for a look that works best for you while letting you express your personal style.

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