Five Fashion Jobs: You Never Knew Existed

The fashion industry is a whole world of its own. To make it function the way it does, there are so many professionals involved… There are designers, artists, editors, choreographers, photographers and the like. We might be familiar with these enviable fashion jobs, but there are also some you never knew existed. They stay behind the scenes, nevertheless they hold very important responsibilities in the fashion world. And there are indeed different fashion courses dedicated even to these quite outstanding professions.

Runway Technician:

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If fashion mixed with technology is your thing, then this is the ideal job for you. Hear this, it is a job highly in demand since doing technical things for runway shows isn’t exactly a common skill that everybody can perform. You will have to make use of your ability to handle a camera, a video camera, lighting, music, etc. and make it work to create a fashion runway that will make an impact during fashion events.

Fabric Librarian:

Fashion jobs - streettrotter

Is there such a thing as a fabric librarian? We only relate the word librarian to one who handles books. But yes, a fabric librarian does exist and is a great entry-level job in the fashion industry, specially for fashion experts with a specialization in textiles. This job entails creating a “library” of various types of fabrics, which becomes very helpful when companies want to determine which type of fabric has been used in previous products and those that are being utilized at present. As a part of the job, a fabric librarian is also responsible to compile information regarding various types of fibers.

Fashion Forecaster:

Fashion jobs - streettrotter

If you like fashion and you enjoy being on top of latest trends and updates, then being a forecaster is one of the fashion jobs that will satisfy you the most. As a fashion forecaster, your role is to make predictions regarding fashion trends ahead of time and seasons, based on the science of what people actually like to buy. You will get to study culture, changing lifestyles, socio-economic trends, global weather, politics, entertainment and a lot more in order to determine where the consumer behavior is moving. Surely, you will be at the top of the fashion industry chain, while you predict where is the fashion wind blowing, and what is going to be hot or not in the coming seasons.

Fashion Colorist:

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You must have a good eye regarding colors as it is the fashion colorist’s job to determine the difference between tints, hues, colors, and shades. You must be able to explain the difference between colors even if others cannot see any them. Normally, we determine colors as green, blue, yellow, orange and so on; but in the world of a fabric colorist, green can be seen as artichoke green, pistachio, avocado, asparagus and so forth. Moreover, you will also be responsible for creating new colors invented by designers.

Wrinkle Chaser:

Fashion jobs - streettrotter

Yes, this job exists. Thanks to these people who handle their jobs well, you will always find clothing, accessories and shoes of famous people to seem always new. This job requires ensuring that no wrinkles appear on any surface by using special irons and thoroughly eliminating all signs of wrinkles. Companies also hire for such fashion jobs for the purpose of making sure that fabrics, accessories, shoes, bags are smoothened out before being shipped out to stores.



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