Oh Yes! The Travel Wizards Club by StreetTrotter is a reality now. We are a team of absolutely fantastic – old and new Travel Bloggers from India, who have come together on a common platform to change the way we network, travel and blog in our country. We are a community of passionate travelers who all dreamed of a common dream – becoming best friends with like-minded travelers and share the world ‘as we see it’ with others, through our growing blogs and our soulful writings. 

What simply started as a social media shout-out to form a ‘secret society’ of travel bloggers in India a month back, has today turned into an elite team of professional bloggers – who are all revealed in this hearty post! Team StreetTrotter gladly thanks all #TWC2015 members who enrolled and made this club happen, along with a humble appreciation for all our partners & sponsors for promoting this club from its very start… Cheers to us all! 


Svetlana of http://maverickbird.com/

383553_522893687727683_601912990_nA mother, writer, traveler, foodie, a doctorate degree holder in English literature and an animal lover, I am a Super girl from India. An ex flight attendant, I have been born with wings and having explored more than 35 countries as a solo woman traveler, I have morphed into a living, breathing travel expert.

So here are junkets of nearly 15 years of travels experiences; the good, bad and difficulties of being a solo woman traveler (and that too from India), my favorite destinations, cultural highs, offbeat adventure, awesome food moments, pocket friendly travel tips in Money Matters and more.

Pooja Gupta of http://www.traveljots.com/

Blog_Profile_picI am Pooja, an Indian Travel Blogger, who loves to travel and explore various places in India and abroad. During my travels, I jot down travel notes, travel tips, advises, do’s, don’ts for fellow travellers and publish them on our blog. Though, I try to find a balance between writing and travelling, still there are a lot of trips and notes, I have not found time to put on website. I find Travel Jots, as a medium to inspire fellow travellers and share my experiences and travel planning notes. In my opinion, key to a good travel is the planning behind it. A good planning leads to good experiences as well as good savings. The tagline of my site is “Handwritten notes of a Traveller”.

Akanksha Dureja of www.akankshadureja.com

11133918_10152783488806361_9171789954575263636_oSRK Devotee, Proud Feminist, Blogger, Traveller, Photographer, Book Lover,Techie – In that order.! She day-dreams about beautiful beaches, lush green valleys, curvy roads and snow clad mountains. Wanderlust is a way of life for her. She is not a girl whose best friends are diamonds. Instead she would happily settle for travel vouchers to exotic destinations and maybe an expensive camera.

Biswa Prakash of www.biswaprakash.com

IMG_4371Just like any ordinary blog. You may not find anything interesting here. But, you can never know. Miracles do happen over a mug of beer.




Himanshu Barsainya of www.everythingcandid.com

Himanshu_EVerything CandidThe Blog  is all about traveling to places, mostly self drive road trips, to enjoy the vastness of the nature, capturing candid photographs of everything en route and relish the food-Dhaba food or street food. The blog a reflection of my constant efforts to capture varied nuances of the world in most candid way through traveling to distant land, meeting people, getting exposed to cultures, clicking photographs of mighty nature and finally sharing my experiences.

Through this blog I wish to share my candid experiences with all living and yet to born people. Aim of this blog would be fulfilled if I could encourage people to run from the safety of home and complacency of daily life to go closer to nature and enjoy other worldly life.

Avanish Maurya of www.solobackpacker.com

IMG_6193-001Avanish is a backpacker, who celebrates his life on the road. His wide travel interests often draw him to the high altitudes in the Himalayas as a Himalayan addict, to the deep blue oceans as a PADI Scuba Diver, to the bank of major rivers as a river chaser, to the national highways as a motorcycle rider.


Parnashree Devi of http://traveldiaryparnashree.blogspot.in/

10421137_1090934207587116_6604085873151449800_n“My Travel Diary” is not just a travel blog with travel stories , but this is the space which not just give you a glimpse of those remote corners of India , but inspire you to discover more about yourself , your passion and also gives you enough reasons to come out of your comfort zone to explore this incredibly beautiful world.


Dr. Rituraj Pathak & Shreya Pathak of http://travelgenes.com/

Rituraj-ShreyaA Dentist and a Teacher travel the world in search of the beautiful, the unusual, the forgotten and the mundane. Created in 2013, Travel Genes began as a personal travel blog and labor of love that has now turned into an informal, personalized India trip organizer offering ‘India Through The Back Doors’ Tours.


Reshma Narasing of http://thesologlobetrotter.com/

DSC_0632-001An avid dreamer,an incurable travel addict, a passionate writer, a bibliophile, a hopeless romantic and a girl who gulps-down large mugs of coffee many times a day. The Solo Globetrotter is an arena to fulfill my dream – A dream to take people like YOU with me virtually wherever I go!  In this place,I want to combine my love of traveling and telling stories to inspire others to travel more, to connect with fellow travelers, to share my stories to the world, to provide insightful tips and information that would hopefully help people and meet like minded people.

Rekha Chithrampatt of www.ohfernweh.wordpress.com

PicsArt_1437230811632My name is Rekha. I’m 28, and by qualification an architect; at heart a writer and artist. I’m a Sagittarius and display the persistent traits of being footloose & fancy free, tactless, loyal, optimistic, and a wanderer. That last bit, I’ve got it bad I tell ya! Hence the name of the blog: Fernweh. I have more than a love for travel, it is a need. Once I am in one place for more than a year, I have to move. I’ve been living away from home since the age of 14. You would think that being away from home so much would give me homesickness, but no, I have that rare affliction of farsickness.

Himanshu Aggarwal of www.antar-dwand.blogspot.com

WP_20140410_014A traveler by passion, a poet by heart and unfortunately an engineer by profession. Traveled in India from the misty peaks of Great Himalayas to the vast Indian Ocean, observing the changes in culture and ways of people. I write sometimes to connect with my inner being.


Ashray and Zara of http://bkpk.me/

603861_493447210722869_1712431470_nBest friends, travel companions, musicians, partners in crime and much more! Until 2011 we were living in a far away land called Dubai. It was where we met and fell in love. However, for a number of reasons, life in Dubai no longer appealed to us, so we decided tosell all our stuff, pack our bags and travel the world! We are travelers with a mission. Our mission is to circle the globe and TAKE YOU WITH US! That’s what Backpack Me is all about. Through technology and our knowledge of how to use it, we want you to come with us on a magical trip, around the world – for free.

Krishna Ganatra 

DSC_7994Travel came to me as my journey towards exploring myself. Life take you to a point where you start questioning your existence and so did I and this is how “The Route Less Travelled” came into existence. This blog talks about my experience with people and places and is more of a Travel Dairy and not a travelogue. The idea is to share my experience such that readers are left both touched and inspired. When I finally realized the purpose, to make a difference on the planet by spreading happiness “Happy Traveling Girl” came into existence.
Sunaina Serna Ahluwalia of http://sunainasahluwalia.blogspot.in/
IMG_6494I’m an author and communications consultant and love to click photographs. I’ve worked in radio and television over the years. I also write features and articles for various publications and am involved with women’s issues. ‘An Autumn Melody’ was my third novel after ‘A Safe Harbour’ and ‘Point of No Return’ and I’m currently working on two more.
Manjulika Pramod of www.manjulikapramod.com
ManjulikaAn Engineer who loves to be known as a Blogger more! Short-story writer, voracious reader and blogger is the better me! Reading, eating, traveling, exploring, observing and blogging are the beautiful highs of my life.


Chhattisgarh Tourism Board

Logo_NewChhattisgarh state has a curious admixture of rich history, natural beauty and popular culture. The infinite and unexplored treasures of the state have immense potential for business investment and destination development.

The state is endowed with rich cultural heritage and is a home of some of India’s ancient caves, waterfalls, temples, Buddhist sites, rock paintings, Wildlife and hill plateaus. Chhattisgarh Tourism Board has won National Tourism Award 2012-13 and CNBC Travel Award 2015 as the “Emerging Tourism State.


www.travelflat.in by Amit Sengupta

travelflat logoTravel Flat is an independent digital travel blog showcasing the reputed and the exotic, the inspiring and the sophisticated from the world of travel and conscience-driven luxury. We specialize in travelogues, capturing the experiences through our words and pictures, hotel reviews and travel photography. We seek incredible experiences, love to travel far and beyond, inspiring journey and destinations – everything the discerning travellers are interested in.


CHEAPSEX by Brijesh Dahiya & Kuldeep Singh

cheapsex coverOnce asleep in our studio la Gulabo Chhap Design Works were summoned by Goddess Aphrodite and Goddess Baubo together and were commanded to tickle the human race every now and then in order for them  to survive the fatalities of Urban life. Crown jewel of company, Cheapsex has been at the forefront of graphic fashion since 2010 with its edgy, and tongue on cheek product sensibilities. Pioneers of the graphic boxer shorts in India, the label has since expanded to t-shirts, wallets, briefs, cushions, playing cards, eye masks and aprons for the people who indulge in kitsch, punk and desi, all blended into one.

Brand website – www.cheapsex.co.in | Buy from – www.gulabochhap.com

#ThreadCasa by Gunjan Singhvi

logo 1#ThreadCasa is a cache for every woman to discover her elegant yet bright personality. It brings to you a line of handcrafted bags & clutches that speak the charm of a time-honored artisan with a desire to recreate high street fashion for those who choose elegance and class. Blend of a global desi feel, our products not only a perfect choice for Indian but also for western look.

Buy from – ThreadCasa on Facebookhttps://instagram.com/threadcasa/

I PARTY WILD by Shruti Singh

IMG_7054You’re sitting in a boardroom and your boss is ripping your presentation apart. “Never have I ever..” he says and you jump in with “had a shot in the middle of the work day”? While this might lead to you getting plastered for all the wrong reasons, we appreciate your enthusiasm for the cause.

Shruti Singh, design graduate who felt a yawning gap for drinking games in the market, considering chugging till you throw up is not a game anyone over the age of 20 should play anymore. So she founded iPartyWild and designed Trippy Dice where four combinations of dice decide your fate. And then came The Kings Circle and The Ultimate Daredevils, a game set complete with four shot glasses, hilarious rules, challenges and advantages. Ideal for a larger crowd or maybe older people, we suggest?

Buy from – https://www.facebook.com/loveipw

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