JOIN the TRAVEL WIZARDS CLUB (TWC) this July in Delhi

Imagine secret societies – Imagine TWC in Delhi! A closed group of like-minded people, who eat, pray and love Travel. We call these people Travel Wizards because they make magic with their words on their blogs, presenting this enchanted world with their unique experiences to others – trip by trip. Cutting all jazz, it can be your own travel society that will live with you for the rest of your life… So what really is the TRAVEL WIZARDS’ CLUB (#TWC)?

Lets meet this July in the summer of Delhi , to share our experiences and grow, network better and deeper through the first ever Travel Wizards Conference by team StreetTrotter! – One whole day of inside stories and behind the scenes – from your traveling life and from the hearts of other travel enthusiasts.

The vision behind TWC is not to be just another bloggers meet. It is a platform of serious networking, citing the give and take of travel writing and blogging knowledge, and above all knowing the real people behind today’s ever increasing pool of travel blogs. We will talk about blogging roadblocks, creative solutions, fears, failures, learning experiences and success stories – all over multiple cups of coffee and happy rounds of snacks!

What is #TWC aiming to do and how?

We believe that everyone in the blogging world is struggling to grow while crafting their own story each day. No one said doing it alone was easy, and therefore TWC aims to provide a networking platform like no other. The club will be equally yours as much as it is our dream, and we wish to make it happen with maximum interaction from all participants.

So all in all, here’s looking forward to some good 5 to 6 happy-hours of speaking and listening about our supreme passion of Travel and blogging… where you will be given the dais to speak, listen, ask questions, and literally be a part of a cult travel family!

Applications for TWC start this minute while you read this and will attract an early bird discount if you decide to enroll NOW. The applications received will be shortlisted into 30 to 40 participants only, as we aim to keep it less, most productive and serious. There will be a good mix of startup bloggers, intermediate and famed bloggers to keep the crowd varied and inquisitive.

Everyone club member who attends the meet will be assigned a job to perform – as speakers, volunteers, organizers, social media managers, social admins etc. Once all applications are approved, you will be officially a part of the TWC Club! All accepted participants will be added to a TWC community page on FB, where you will get a chance to introduce yourself, share your blog links and know other applicants better even before the conference actually happens.


Accepted roles and jobs will be announced on a daily basis and we plan to keep it all transparent for you at every step starting from the very planning stage. Below is a detailed explanation of everything you need to know about getting started with the TWC enrollment.

Who is eligible to apply and attend?

  • Destination, global food, world culture and lifestyle bloggers who are passionate about Travel and their blog.
  • If you are a start-up blog looking for growth and finding ways to network, learn and blog better, TWC is an opportunity for you to meet like-minded bloggers who are either at the same stage as yours, or have been there in the past, to teach you from their experiences.
  • If you are an intermediate blogger trying to take the next step, it is a good platform for you to share your journey with other bloggers, and learn from their stories about the things that you might be missing out on and can build upon for more success.
  • The already famed bloggers will have the perfect opportunity to network with the newbie’s and become the most experienced speakers for the event. This is where you will get to feel like a star and share your knowledge with a new set of followers who are keen to learn from you.

Everyone has a job to perform. What are your choices?

  • Speakers: If you are already famous or an intermediate blogger, you will most likely have a niche of your own, so sign up as a speaker and educate us on your strength. Every speaker will get 15-20 minutes to enlighten the rest on how they can build on this strength too. (Example – if you have a great instagram account with a lot of followers, tell us on how we can do the same to drive more traffic. Similarly if you have a great twitter presence, a huge newsletter subscription list, a super interactive facebook page – you will get your own 15 minute session to share the secret and learn from others throughout the conference).
  • Social Media Admins (TWO): All enrolled will be added to a secret TWC Social facebook group which will have two other admins except team StreetTrotter. These admin positions are for those who are addicted to facebook and have a knack for running social media pages. (Preferably start-up bloggers who cannot contribute much as speakers).
  • TWC Event Volunteers (TWO): If you are the event manager kinds who loves organizing conferences and enjoy running around, enroll as a volunteer and help team StreetTrotter making this vision a success from start to end. (Preferably Start-up bloggers who are looking for maximum personal networking with each and every participant).
  • Social Media Manager (TWO): This post is exclusively for a social media addict who wants to run TWC social media promotions along with StreetTrotter. Help us making TWC a success with maximum reach.

How will the community work in the future? What will you get apart from attending the Delhi Conference?

  • Sponsored FAM trip for 12 travel bloggers selected by Chhattisgarh Tourism Board from the partipants list to Chhattisgarh.
  • As we said, TWC is the first step of building a family that is specially and solely dedicated for travel bloggers and wanderlust enthusiasts. Once you enroll, you will forever be a part of the TWC family which will be your space to ask questions, help your peers and have your very own travel network. So, if you decide to enroll, be sure you are someone who understands how to run and sustain this family for life.
  • You will be added to the TWC Social group, a dedicated space for us to talk, share, receive a favor and give back one too, all for free and out of genuine will to grow and help others grow as well. This group will be a highly interactive social group where we will all help each other to increase our stats by commenting, liking and sharing each other’s work on a daily basis. Being a part of this group means you are assured to have a dedicated fan following to depend upon for maximizing your content reach each day for the rest of your life, until you decide to drop out.
  • Everyone who enrolls should be open to the idea of receiving quality guest posts from other participants on their blog. Guest posts are a great way to get some quality back-links for your blog which are otherwise difficult to achieve and should never be spam-my. This opportunity will assure you a chance to write for fellow bloggers / blogs and also receive reliable content for your own blog.
  • A guaranteed opportunity to write for streettrotter.com along with do-follow links.
  • A frameable Certificate of Participation.
  • A welcome kit upon enrollment delivered to your doorstep, and a surprise parting gift courtesy StreetTrotter – which will be nothing less than absolutely AWESOME!

How much does it cost?

ONE TIME Enrollment fees – Rs. 3,000/- per person. 

You will be asked to pay only once your application is approved and you are on-board.

Our Tourism and Media Partners 2015 

TOURISM PARTNER: Chhattisgarh Tourism Board 

Chhattisgarh state has a curious admixture of rich history, natural beauty and popular culture. The infinite and unexplored treasures of the state have immense potential for business investment and destination development. The state is endowed with rich cultural heritage and is a home of some of India’s ancient caves, waterfalls, temples, Buddhist sites, rock paintings, Wildlife and hill plateaus. Chhattisgarh Tourism Board has won National Tourism Award 2012-13 and CNBC Travel Award 2015 as the “Emerging Tourism State.


Travel Flat is an independent digital travel blog showcasing the reputed and the exotic, the inspiring and the sophisticated from the world of travel and conscience-driven luxury. They specialize in travelogues, capturing the experiences through our words and pictures, hotel reviews and travel photography. We seek incredible experiences, love to travel far and beyond, inspiring journey and destinations – everything the discerning travelers are interested in.


  • Click to fill out your detailed application. We request you to hold back and do not fill the application until you are completely out of doubt. We hope to keep TWC as a serious networking engagement with no applications being withdrawn later.
  • Once submitted, we will send you a RECEIVED notification from streettrotter@gmail.com. You are welcome to reply to this email and clarify your further queries.
  • All approved participants will be notified between 5th to 10th July 2015 along with a WHAT’s NEXT email.
  • Excited about #TWC-Delhi already? Like the post and show us your belief!

– Issued in serious Travel Blogging interest by TEAM StreetTrotter


StreetTrotter is a Travel, Culture & Lifestyle blog, inspiring people everyday with real stories to look good and travel even better. Founded in 2012 by Shraddha Gupta, Founder & COO, this space is all about experiencing new things in life, be it a daring mountain trek, a frugal backpacking trip, a runway look made local, or simply anything that scares you enough to live a little more deeper.

  1. 🙁 Would have been awesome if you could make it! Nevertheless all the best for your trip and please share the initiative in your network for helping us secure a maximum reach.

    1. Hello! Its a one time enrollment fees for 3000/- which you will only be required to pay once you submit the application. Thankyou! Looking forward to having you on board. Do let us know.

    1. Thannkyou! Let us know if you make up your mind. You are looking at the conformations now. Its a one time enrollment fees for 3000/- which you will only be required to pay once you submit the application. Looking forward to having you on board. Do let us know.

  2. indrani says:

    Great idea! Wishing all the participants the best of luck!
    If anything is planned for in and around Bangalore please do let me know.


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