Congratulating MANGALYAAN in StreetTrotter Style!

Yet again, our underdog nation has proved us proud! StreetTrotter congratulates team ISRO for creating history and sending Mangalyaan successfully to the orbit, dated 24th September 2014. While a part of its mission is to study the Martian atmosphere for signs of life, on a rather lighter note in life we wonder if one fine day we would be able to make our own trip to Mars and learn from our fellow Planetarians. Keeping a close tab on the satellite’s activity, we are sure that if this trip ever happens, we will be a delighted lot as @isro tweets “The view is nice up here.” 

Teaching us a good budgeting lesson, we are eagerly learning from Mangalyaan which costed only a $ 74 million as compared to Hollywood space adventure movie “Gravity” costing about a $ 100 million to make. More exciting to learn is the fact that at Rs 450 Crore for 780 Million km, the mission cost about Rs 5.77 per km, which is cheaper than what many auto-rickshaws charge in the country.

So as I got myself thinking, what did Mangalyaan teach StreetTrotter?…

  • No place in the universe is unreachable, even if its Mars. All we have to do is pack our bag, plan and leave.
  • Every place can be visited with a budget, and going to Mars can cost cheaper than having a holiday around the world. So we learn to be smart and resourceful when it comes to budgeting our trips.
  • What is the fun of looking at the world if you don’t have anyone to share it with? ISRO shares and tweets and so should we! We should document life before it ends and the world disappears.
  • What if we do find life on Mars? Would life on Mars have their own taste in music, art and cinema? Will they teach us new values and ideas of living? So while we wait to meet some fellow planetarians, why not meet the fellow humans who we already have on earth and learn as much as we can from them!

And while I end this superbly random post, one fine morning – I am proud to be an Indian and all I wanted was to raise a toast to our historic achievement in some honest StreetTrotter style! 

A Proud yet Erratic Letter of Appreciation – From the Editor. 



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