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7 HANDY FREE APPS you should download while on a trip…

With the world getting tech-ier day by day, travel has become easy with a thousands of apps helping us find our way through. No wonder our smart phone is our best friend and now our personal navigator too! No matter where you are in the world, these seven apps are your must have’s on a trip…

#1 – WAZE

While at a new place, its easy to get lost with unknown roads, lanes and directions, trapped in unexpected road blocks or being caught by a foreign policeman, you have no idea about. All you need is a navigator app which can swiftly take you through to a new destination, in less time and with less problems…

Next to the most familiar Google maps, WAZE is another top trending GPS app available both for iOS and Android, which tracks your current location and updates you on your travel directions, estimated travel time and distance, also along with information on accidents, traffic conditions and jams, weather, and speed traps. While other people on their way help post real time data about the various situations, you can also update with an accident or a road block to help others, making it the most authentic and current traffic app while you drive. Cute graphics make the app more visually appealing, and the best part – for all of you who can’t control your speed limits, the app also tells you the location of cops within your route to keep your travel cop-free!

Available for – iPhone, Android and Windows Phone; Download link –

#2 – SOLAR

Imagine waking up for a pre-planned hike and its raining cats and dogs! Maybe its always a better idea to be updated on what weather lies ahead of you to make a perfect outing before you leave your shelter…

If all you care about is a minimal, good looking app which updates you only on the weather conditions, nothing more and nothing less, SOLAR is what you should be looking for. No clutter and accurate minute by minute temperature and weather report, along with info on your current surroundings, you can also all store more world destinations to track the weather back home or any other part on the globe to plan your next day!

Available for – iPhone & Android; Download link –


May it be a light for you in dark places, when all other lights go out…

A torch / Flashlight is something you will need all the time while on a trip, walking along unfamiliar paths, or camping in the dark. What more can you ask for if it is a part of your phone and not something you have to carry as an extra accessory. The FLASHLIGHT app is strong and effective, and you can adjust the intensity of the light to your requirement. Don’t miss the Strobe light feature for extra effects!

Available for – iPhone and similar apps for Android


Imagine traveling to a foreign land with a new currency and changing rates every day – and you are out shopping without knowing how much the product would cost back home? 

Well knowing how much your purchases and activities costing while on a trip, is the most basic idea of a traveler. Its always good to have an account and be updated on the current exchange rate each day, to not be cheated and end up being fooled for your money. The MY CURRENCY CONVERTER unlike most other similar apps, is free with a simple interface and most accurate. Supporting over 150 currencies worldwide and updated exchange rates at all times, the app coverts in seconds while you type and in the currency you choose.

Available for – iPhone and similar apps for Android


Planning a fun day out, or the next activity to indulge in nearest to your current location? Or walking along the roads to explore new destinations along the way? While I am a strong believer of a paper map in your hand, having an app for the job is even better…

A widely used app world over, FOURSQAURE brings the best of entertainment spots near and around you within seconds of your search, and if you still don’t have it, you are missing something. All you have to do is hit search and the app tracks your current location and according to the distance suggests you the most popular places nearby be it restaurants, nightlife, coffee, shopping, movie theaters, outdoor sights or museums. You can also search closest destinations on the basis of cuisines you like, check out a restaurant’s menu card, call them up instantly, look at the directions to reach the place and also read reviews about the place by other visitors. You can check-in once you reach, tagging your friends along, notifying others at the same time. You can also leave a quick review on the app and even look for places according to your budget. What more can you ask for while on a trip…a app that acts as your personal trip planner!

Available for – iPhone, Android and Windows Phone; Download link –


Who doesn’t know about TripAdvisor or spends hours on it to plan a trip?

One of the most widely used and essential travel planning website today, and company has done a brilliant job in putting every possible travel data and detail together. But what can be more handy than having the website, as an app on your phone. Millions of reviews, flight and hotel details, restaurants and popular sights suggestions, the app is a must app, keeping the service in your pocket while you travel.

Available for – iPhone, Android and Windows Phone; Download link –

#7 – VIBER

Anyone ‘just a call away’…or in case you don’t have a number and a mobile network while you travel – ‘Just a Viber away’! 

A mobile and a wifi connection is all you need to make this app working, no matter where you are in the world. As clear as a paid phonecall, Viber lets you make a call for free, along with free texts and photo sharing. Good HD sound quality is one of the best features of the app, with less time lag than skype. Undoubtedly the best way to keep you connected without a simcard! 

Available for – iPhone, Android, Desktop, Windows 8, Blackberry and Windows Phone; Download link –

Happy App-ing!


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