busking - street perforemance - street trotter

CELEBRATING THE LIFE OF ‘STREET ARTISTS’ – I have always wondered what is it about the streets, especially the ones in London that makes that city so lively. Out there, even when people are busy, the life is fast, and the weather is unpredictably cold most of times, still the streets manage to engage you, speak to you, entertain you, and make you feel a part of them as if you were never alone.

While walking for long hours, absorbing what every corner had to offer, I realized most of it is thanks to the street culture that is still preserved in the heart of this fashion capital, with ‘busking’, a more technical word for ‘street performances’, bringing the city live at all odd hours of the day…

street magic - busking - street trotter

busking - street perforemance - street trotter

So be it a magic trick, a game of statue, a juggler, a dancer, a painter making on the spot caricatures, an aspiring musician or a band which wants to perform its gig to the crowd, you could find everything on the streets that made you stop and amazed your senses. A more talented way of earning a quick buck at the end of the shows with cents and pounds bouncing all around in appreciation, while busking is considered an art world over with its own set of rules and regulations, being a part of the crowd who has applauded to many such performances, I also believe it’s also a way of expressing oneself for many…

street act - busking - street trotter

street performance - busking - street trotter

As I managed to spot quite a few of these street performances to lighten up my boring days, I feel music was the most common emotion for artists to share on the streets. The desire to sing a new tune to an audience who is a traveler and a lot more responsive to their rhythms, not only did I hear violins and flutes, sitar’s and the guitar, but I have also danced to romance in the air and exciting tribal notes!

group performance - busking - street trotter

tribal street art - busking - street trotter

street musician - busking - street trotter

road side performance - busking - street trotter

group musicians band - busking - street trotter

And yes, being a painter myself, I could not less appreciate the outstanding spontaneity that the street artists had, while they quickly drew a scene from what they saw around them, or spent hours scribbling on the streets using it as a literal canvas!

street artist - busking - street strotter

street painting - busking - street trotter

Celebrating both the talent and the passion of these buskers through this post, who least care of what the world thinks and perceives them as, I happily salute them for their boldness and the happiness they pass to wanderers like me!